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  • I Believed

    I am reluctantly considering the conclusion that much of what I have believed for as long as I have believed anything may represent far more hope than truth. Sure, I […]

  • The Friend Factory (revisited)

    From time to time, it’s time to revisit The Friend Factory. This is the time, no matter whether you are eight or eighty. We all need reminded now and then. […]

  • 1 Key to Bliss

    Do you have the key to perfect intimate relationships? The problem is that there are way more than a single key. But having 1 key is a good start. Try […]

  • Be Nice To Yourself

    Your mental health matters. It starts with being nice to yourself. Listen and hear how it is done. https://media.blubrry.com/audiotidbitspodcast/p/content.blubrry.com/audiotidbitspodcast/nice.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 4:06 — 3.8MB) | […]

  • Just One Big Unhappy Family

    If what you see is one big happy family, there may be many reasons and explanations, not that any of these are necessary. Happy is normally its own accounting. If […]

  • I Might Change But…

    We are told that we should accept the things we can’t change, but should we really? The truth of the matter is that I don’t think that I know what […]

  • Passing Virtue

    Are you mostly a person who is passing virtue or are you more apt to stay in the virtue zone? It’s a pretty simple choice, but making it is very […]

  • Step Back to Step Up

    How often do you have to deal with difficult situations, difficult people or times when what to do, what to say, or how to proceed are unclear? What about those […]

  • Just Going Along To Get Along

    Now and then, just going along to get along is a really good idea. It’s the easiest and most hassle-free way to deal with some people and some situations. The […]

  • Life Changing Events

    Have you ever experienced a life changing event? I’m not talking about an event that prompted change in how you do something, think about things or how you handle some […]

  • Who Intimidates You?

    Have you ever heard someone say, “No one intimidates me?” What do you think? Perhaps you have said that yourself. I suspect that the person who makes such a declaration […]

  • Someone We Can Lean On

    How do you deal with your stress? You ask, “What makes you think I have stress?” Well, it’s pretty simple. We all have times of stress. It may be very […]

  • When Gossip Is Good

    When you hear the word “gossip,” do you lean toward thinking that gossip is a bad thing or toward thinking gossip is good? I suspect we are told more times […]

  • Crisis Intervention: A Social Interaction Approach (11)

    Chapter 11 Building an US box The key to building an US box is remembering that the relationship is not repairable, and that it is not going to serve as […]

  • Crisis Intervention: A Social Interaction Approach (10)

    Part III Relationship Building Chapter 10 Relationships that Fail To this point, we have focused on the crisis intervention process and have developed an understanding of crisis communication. Relationship building […]

  • Crisis Intervention: A Social Interaction Approach (9)

    Chapter 9 – Crisis Feeling As we thought about crisis color, we were focusing on the mood, tone, or affect of the individual in crisis. The color, then, is his […]

  • Crisis Intervention: A Social Interaction Approach (8)

    Chapter 8 – Communication Content Once we understand the color in crisis and that our mood or affect is an important dimension of crisis communication, we can begin to consider […]

  • Crisis Intervention: A Social Interaction Approach (7)

    Chapter 7 – Crisis Color Crisis always has a mood or color. The psychiatric literature frequently refers to this dimension of people in crisis as “affect.” In crisis communication, color […]

  • Crisis Intervention: A Social Interaction Approach (6)

    Part II Crisis Communication Chapter 6 The Communication Loop The crisis intervention process proceeds on multiple levels. For those with little understanding of crisis and crisis intervention, the process appears […]

  • The Familiar First

    This episode of the Audio Tidbits Podcast is a remix of an earlier episode that suggests an approach to people and situations that reduces any tendency we may have to […]

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