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The Great Mouse Hunt Emerges On Atar XIV – Audio TidBits Podcast


When we last joined our intrepid explorers on The Great Mouse Hunt, they had tracked the Great Mouse to Zombieland where The Great mouse was blending in with the local zombie population. The huntsmen were able to engage The Great Mouse in an intense battle but just as our aggressive hunting party sprung an explosive trap intended to finally capture or destroy The Great Mouse, the beast transmogrified and was gone from Zombieland.

We now find our eager adventurers deep in outer space where they have stalked The Great Mouse to Adar XIV near the outer boundary of the third galaxy beyond ours. Let’s wish our hunters good luck and hope for their final success. Please join me as I hold my breath and keep my fingers crossed anxiously awaiting the outcome of this, the most recent episode in the continuing saga of The Great Mouse Hunt.