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Focus, Focus, Focus

Do you want to be successful, want to succeed? Of course you do, as do we all. Even though I am now a mere apprentice guru, a guru-in-training, being a full fledged guru is on my success horizon. As a step toward full guruship, I am, from time to time, sharing with you some secret guru stuff. My first offering a few posts ago was The Friendship Secret. Today's offering is The Success Secret.


Success requires Focus, Focus, Focus. Your full, undivided attention is on your success agenda. You do not permit distraction or competing priorities. You continuously say, "Yes!" to your success.


Success requires Timing, Timing, Timing. You are where you need to be, when you need to be there, doing what you need to do. You are always prepared, always good to go.


Success requires Attitude, Attitude, Attitude. It is not a whatever you happen to feel about it today attitude. It is the success attitude. You believe in your success, your capacity to succeed. What's more, you have no doubt about what you do to succeed. You do whatever it takes.


Success requires Persistence, Persistence, Persistence. You are committed to sticking to it. How long do you hang in? You hang in as long as it takes to succeed. You persist.


Success requires Practice, Practice, Practice. This is the key element separating you from the less successful. However talented, skilled, capable, clever, ingenious you are today, you can improve, can get better, can do better.


It's simple. If you can do better, you do better, a day at a time, a month at a time, a year at a time. With your success, good enough is never good enough, since you know you can do even better.


Success requires Responsibility, Responsibility, Responsibility. The responsibility element is similarly uncomplicated. You do the right things right, the first time, on time, every time.


There you have it: your success agenda in a nutshell. The standard is too exacting? It is unreasonable for mere mortals? Perhaps, but try qualifying or limiting any part of the standard. You quickly get something less than success, an unacceptable outcome, at least unacceptable for you.


Success requires Imagination, Imagination, Imagination. The imagination element is where you may nod in agreement but miss the point.


It is pleasant to imagine yourself wildly successful and enjoying the perks of success. However, this type of imagining is potentially counterproductive. It distracts from your success agenda, from today, from the here-and-now.


Imagine yourself as more talented, more skilled, more capable, more clever, more ingenious. How much more? More than today. Concurrently, imagine strategies and approaches to get to more. Yes indeed. Concentrate on your success agenda, stick to your agenda, imagine ticking off the boxes on your path to success.


Success requires Determination, Determination, Determination. Another simple success element. You made up your mind to succeed and nothing less is acceptable. Your success is not a matter of "If." The only variable is "How soon."


Success requires Effort, Effort, Effort. This is where the game is lost for most. They weigh their current level of effort against the perceived likelihood of success and conclude they are falling short. They refuse to sustain their current effort and do not seriously contemplate an increase. Since your success is a foregone conclusion, your effort decision reduces to whatever it takes. You just do it.


I have shared the elements incorporated within The Success Secret. Consider them carefully to see if the secret reveals itself to you.


! Focus


! Timing _ Attitude _ Persistence


! Practice _ Responsibility _ Imagination _ Determination _ Effort


Did you find the secret? I am sure if it has not yet appeared, its arrival is imminent. Please indulge me in trying my hand at a more advanced guruism.


Experienced gurus typically conclude their teaching with a maxim, a memorable saying capturing the essence of their lesson. Here is my pass at this valuable technique. You undoubtedly will have no trouble recognizing its source.


To succeed, Focus, TAP the PRIDE inside and say, "Yes!" to success.