Being Blind Is a Nuisance

When non-blind people think about being blind, they start from their personal perspective. The easy conclusion is that they couldn’t do much on their own. When blind people think about being blind, they too think about it from their personal perspective. For me as a blind person, my conclusion is that being blind is a nuisance but does not stop me from doing most anything I want to do or need to do.

Back Behind the Mic — Maybe

I find myself in a new city, in a new house, by myself, blind and just me and Oliver — my guide dog. Getting back behind the mic is an option that hasn’t changed. I’ll be podcasting more often and plan to talk about how to get along blind when experience does not serve very well. I know how to live blind but know little to nothing about doing it by myself. It is an unexpected adventure, but an adventure nonetheless. Perhaps you will want to stop by now and then to take the journey with me.