Appreciate Where and How You Fit In

a proactive leader knows his primary role is to help you succeed. You are not responsible for his success but he assuredly is responsible for facilitating yours. His task is to provide for you the best possible opportunity to get where you are committed to going. He saw your commitment and supported your being on his team because you are headed where he and the other members of the team want to go. From his perspective, you are his customer and he is growing a relationship with you.

Value Your Customers

Value your customers, those who benefit from your products and services.

As a member of a proactive leader’s winning team, your commitment to customer service will reach new heights. You will learn to be more responsive to the needs and interests of your customers than you had thought possible. Meeting or exceeding your customers’ expectations is yesterday’s standard. On a proactive leader’s team, every transaction with your customers is an opportunity to grow your relationship with them.

Whether your customers are interested in the advance of knowledge or a better hamburger, responsive public services or appropriate life insurance, a proactive leader’s team is there for them. Association with a proactive leader’s team is the road to wonderful outcomes for you and for your customers.

Genius In The House? (remix)

This episode of the Audio Tidbits Podcast asks if there is a genius in the house. James discusses the real nature of genius, the reality of truth and the tricks and techniques of the dedicated snake oil salesperson. The episode is a remix and includes a musical interlude at the end. That will give you a couple of minutes to thoughtfully consider what James has shared. Please enjoy.

Great Mouse Hunt: (Listen at your own risk.)

I feel compelled to share this episode in the Great Mouse hunt but do so reluctantly and with caution and reservation. It is both chilling and alarming.

I must also advise you of the necessity of using ear phones when listening, if you choose to listen. The hunt cannot be adequately reproduced on a simple single speaker, especially not the type on many cell phones. The environment is quiet but nonetheless haunting.

You may want to just pass on this episode. I fear you may have delayed reactions as did I.

You have had the full disclaimer so I have done all I can do to prevent unwanted trauma. You proceed at your own discretion and risk.

The Great Mouse Hunt: Convergence

Greetings my fellow trackers of the Great Mouse. The hunt for the Great Mouse continues. When we last spotted the hunters, they had tracked the Great Mouse to a distant location in outer space. The Great Mouse again alluded the hunters and lived to pursue its conquest of the universe.

I am back to share what is the most strange sighting yet of the Great Mouse. I was attending the Home Show at our local fair grounds when I was shocked to become aware of the hunters and their pursuit of the Great Mouse. I may be hallucinating but I experienced what I experienced. At least I think I did.

Let me simply share the experience with you and let you judge for yourself.

Was it actually the Great Mouse and the intrepid hunters?

Please listen and come to your own conclusion. No one else at the show seemed to notice anything unusual or out of the ordinary. Maybe I am losing it but I don’t think so. At least I hope not.

I leave you to your own perceptions.

Positive Interpersonal Programming (PIP)

Welcome to Audio Tidbits Podcast. In this episode, James will be narrating Positive Interpersonal Programming.

Positive Interpersonal Programming (PIP) helps you look at yourself and at your marriage and family relationships. It is not a test. Rather, PIP enables you to see your stronger and less strong areas, those things that you do better and those things that you do less well, those things within which you should find pride and satisfaction and those things deserving a little more time and attention from you.

Each section focuses on an important area of marriage and family life. Within each section are several statements about the most important interpersonal elements for that area. Going through all of the sections and statements will help you look at your strengths area by area and specifically at your strengths and less strong points within each area.

PIP helps you understand yourself and others in your home in many areas such as self management at home, managing conflict, managing the children, being sensitive to what others want for themselves, understanding the special ways you and others want people in your family to show love and caring, visiting back and forth with relatives and friends of others in the family, avoiding unnecessary financial difficulties or obligations, dealing effectively with the financial difficulties that arise from time to time, making sure that there are enough sexual opportunities, and much more.

Positive Interpersonal Programming also includes PIP for teachers and managers. PIP for Teachers is intended specifically for classroom teachers, but may be useful to anyone who is in a student/teacher relationship with someone else. The traits, qualities, and principles reflect “good teaching” regardless of the setting or situation.

PIP For Managers is a continuation of the PIP approach. The manager’s inventory is divided into sections, with statements included in each section. As is true for other sections, you may use it for yourself or to evaluate the behavior, approaches, and effectiveness of others with whom you are associated.

Listening to the podcast will give you a lot to think about and specific ideas about how to improve your relationships at home and in other settings. You may find that having a print copy of the guide will work better for you as you get serious about doing the best you can to do the best you can.

If so, the guide is available as a Kindle eBook and as a Kindle paperback on in the Kindle store. If you click on the book’s cover in the sidebar of, you will be taken directly to the book’s page on

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you find Positive Interpersonal Programming (PIP) is a useful tool as you live and love with your family and work with others who have a direct influence on you and yours.

Please stop back soon.

Tuesday Caution

The fact of it is that Tuesday just does not have much going for it. Oh well, so much for Tuesday. There is a caution though. If you have a boss, beware. Tuesday is the all-time favorite day for bosses to do their boss thing. By Tuesday, they have pretty much figured out what they want to accomplish for the week and there you are with one of those Tuesdays and nothing much that absolutely has to be done today.

I think you get it. You don’t have to have everything spelled out for you. Even though there isn’t all that much to do next Tuesday, be prepared, especially if your boss will be anywhere close to where you are or if you have a phone or computer that can receive calls, messages, or e-mail.

The Great Mouse Hunt Emerges On Atar XIV

When we last joined our intrepid explorers on The Great Mouse Hunt, they had tracked the Great Mouse to Zombieland where The Great mouse was blending in with the local zombie population. The huntsmen were able to engage The Great Mouse in an intense battle but just as our aggressive hunting party sprung an explosive trap intended to finally capture or destroy The Great Mouse, the beast transmogrified and was gone from Zombieland.

We now find our eager adventurers deep in outer space where they have stalked The Great Mouse to Adar XIV near the outer boundary of the third galaxy beyond ours. Let’s wish our hunters good luck and hope for their final success. Please join me as I hold my breath and keep my fingers crossed anxiously awaiting the outcome of this, the most recent episode in the continuing saga of The Great Mouse Hunt.


Not one in a hundred of us will make it through January 1st without at least one resolution for the new year, and more likely two or three. We will resolve to do better, be better, live better, and maybe even lose a little weight. It will be the first day of our personal self-improvement project.

On January 1st in 2019, we will look back and amaze ourselves with how well our personal self-improvement plan was implemented, by us of course. Let’s give ourselves a pat on the back for how well we did in 2018. It is spectacular.

This does raise a relevant question though. Why are those things we are resolving to do still on our to do list? Why haven’t they already been moved to our already done list? What have we been waiting on? …

Alien Insert?

You may know that aliens have taken over and are broadcasting there on a regular basis. I fear they may be trying to capture this feed as well. I have a transmission that I think may be a coded message of some sort from the aliens. Please listen and see what you think. If you will share your conclusion, please drop me an e-mail at I hope it is not from the aliens amongst us but I am worried.