HTM 152 – Up Tight – Unhappy – How To Matter – Audio TidBits Podcast

Are you up tight and unhappy or perhaps someone you know is suffering from raging stress? If not, you are among the fortunate minority. Most people know someone for whom stress is a serious problem and many are experiencing very high levels of stress in their lives.

Peter has developed this episode for the How To Matter podcast you will find interesting and may find helpful, either personally or as you make a difference to someone who makes a difference to you. Please listen.

Locking the Golden Door

I don’t believe this but maybe you will. Probably you won’t believe it either.

The time is now, and the place is a yet undiscovered planet toward the edge of the Milky way. Of course, the beings who live on this planet know who they are and where they live. By undiscovered, I mean that other than you and I, no one who doesn’t live on the planet knows about it; and even if they did, it and the people living on it would be of little to no interest. Neither they nor their planet is anything special in the scheme of the universe, at least the universe where they find themselves.

On this insignificant planet, there are areas and divisions that seem fairly arbitrary but are of great significance to the planet’s people. For the sake of simplicity, let’s refer to these arbitrary areas as countries. The current count is 195 countries, with seven and a half billion people inhabiting the 195 countries.

If each country got its fair share of the planet’s people, each would have nearly 40 million citizens, but not much is fair on this planet. I won’t bore you with a list of everything that is not fair but just know that it would be much easier to catalog what is fair. That would be a tiny catalog indeed.

Hang in there with me. I’m getting to the crux of this tale. One of the 195 countries – call it USA – sprawls between two of the Planet’s oceans between two other countries: Canada and Mexico. USA has states and territories beyond these boundaries, but the only point is that it is really big and has way more than its fair share of resources and people: 327 million.

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3 Keys To Leadership Excellence – Audio TidBits Podcast

1. Be positive and energetic whether things are going well or going badly.

This is a point where the wrong conclusion is at hand. a proactive leader most assuredly does not see the plumbing’s backing up as a great opportunity to bond with the plumber, just as he does not get suddenly energized by bad news. At the same time, he does not take the fact the plumbing backed up out on everyone else and does not act like someone let the air out of his tires whenever the news is not good.

Neither temper tantrums nor pouting are consistent with a proactive leader’s approach to problems and disappointments. He gave that nonsense up by the first grade. His attitude and commitment are his responsibilities and not reactions to people and events. If you are on a proactive leader’s winning team, you get the Proactive Leader you have come to know and count on, at his best, every day, every time, no exceptions, no excuses. …

Value Your Customers – Audio TidBits Podcast

Value your customers, those who benefit from your products and services.

As a member of a proactive leader’s winning team, your commitment to customer service will reach new heights. You will learn to be more responsive to the needs and interests of your customers than you had thought possible. Meeting or exceeding your customers’ expectations is yesterday’s standard. On a proactive leader’s team, every transaction with your customers is an opportunity to grow your relationship with them.

Whether your customers are interested in the advance of knowledge or a better hamburger, responsive public services or appropriate life insurance, a proactive leader’s team is there for them. Association with a proactive leader’s team is the road to wonderful outcomes for you and for your customers.