This episode of Audio Tidbits is merely a conversation among the podcast team, sharing their perspectives on this and that. The episode concludes with a really nice, quiet tune that will leave you relaxed and ready for whatever comes next for you. Enjoy.

Don’t Be a Jerk


Welcome to Audio Tidbits. For more tidbits, check out In this episode, the first piece focuses on how jerks excel at being jerks and, by implication, how we can avoid being seen as jerks – a good outcome for all Tidbiters. The second piece explores why some children grow up to be leaders while most don’t. It really does have a lot to do with us. Of course, there are a couple of tunes from Kevin, as usual. Click play and give it a listen.

Three Strikes and I’m Out of Here


This is a story of sorts. Please note that it includes some family violence and strong language. If you are not okay with hearing this difficult sample of reality, I suggest you skip this episode of the podcast. If you are alright with that and with the caution in mind, press play and let’s set the framework and then meet the people who live through the storm.

Hauntings, Witches and Aliens


The Aliens Amongst Us are back. Once again, they have highjacked the Audio Tidbits broadcast channel. They have convened to consider whether their Leader in the Capital City should remain in place or be withdrawn back to the Home Planet. This is apparently not a totally popular idea since others on the Aliens’ Home Planet are protesting.

About 12 minutes into their broadcast, their transmission is abruptly terminated by the skilled work of the crack Tidbits engineers. The broadcast feed is returned to the full control of the Tidbit staff. They are able to fill the feed with a special Halloween tune from Brett Van Donsel. Please enjoy.

CAUTION!!! You May Not Be Up To This


You have been warned. If you are going to proceed despite the warning, press play and engage. The staff and management of Audio Tidbits disclaim all liability for your sanity. You are joining a movie of your mind. Clear your mind of all reality and let the movie begin. You are entering the haunted world, the world of Halloween and monsters. Good Luck. – If you have to bail before the end, I can only note that even the strongest ‘weeners have bailed before you.

Who’s Pouting At Your Home?


Along with a good measure of Kevin’s lively music, our favorite chipmunk has once again upstaged me to produce this episode of Audio Tidbits. Chippy has included four tips for relating to and managing children and especially pouting teens. We hear about pouting, self-esteem, tantrums and signs of stress. Although focus is on children, Chippy reminds that the points also apply to adults who are themselves acting childishly. Let’s listen and learn.

5 Secret Steps to Personal Charm


In this episode of Audio Tidbits, our favorite chipmunk has hijacked the podcast to share 5 secret steps to personal charm. I must admit that the first tip is obvious, but the last four caused me to stop and ponder what the point has to do with charm. Kevin’s music helped, giving me time to work it out. They all 5 really are steps to personal charm. I guess my needing to think about them just goes to show me that they are secrets. Give it a try and see if you come to the same conclusion. I think you will.

An Unexpected Conclusion + Women in Leadership


Along with Kevin’s fine tunes, this episode includes a personal essay that unearths an unexpected conclusion. I won’t include a spoiler here so you can see for yourself how it evolved. That is followed by some important points on women in leadership.

Women in leadership positions seem to naturally manage some aspects of their positions better than do men in similar positions. Skilled men often do as well with these aspects as skilled women, but in general, women do better. In this episode of Audio Tidbits, we take a look at the aspects of skilled leadership where women tend to shine.

Getting It Right Can Be Hard


I could make excuses or maybe even point a finger, but That would all be wrong. Let me just report how the podcasting team helped get it right. Here’s their revised intro.

Hello Tidbiters. If you are a regular listener, I know that you were expecting Gary to get things started. If this is your first visit, I usually don’t kick things off. I’m here to get things straightened out for Gary. He is fairly new at this lead podcaster role and didn’t get it quite right this time. He has included three of Kevin’s songs and two tips that you will find very helpful as you make a difference to folks who make a difference to you. That all went well, but the intro and a couple of the transitions didn’t go so well for Gary. No worry though. Others on the podcasting team have jumped in to get it right for you. Please relax and enjoy. I think you will see what we have done for you. As Gary likes to say, do well, be well and here we go.