An Unexpected Conclusion + Women in Leadership

Along with Kevin’s fine tunes, this episode includes a personal essay that unearths an unexpected conclusion. I won’t include a spoiler here so you can see for yourself how it evolved. That is followed by some important points on women in leadership.

Women in leadership positions seem to naturally manage some aspects of their positions better than do men in similar positions. Skilled men often do as well with these aspects as skilled women, but in general, women do better. In this episode of Audio Tidbits, we take a look at the aspects of skilled leadership where women tend to shine.

Getting It Right Can Be Hard

I could make excuses or maybe even point a finger, but That would all be wrong. Let me just report how the podcasting team helped get it right. Here’s their revised intro.

Hello Tidbiters. If you are a regular listener, I know that you were expecting Gary to get things started. If this is your first visit, I usually don’t kick things off. I’m here to get things straightened out for Gary. He is fairly new at this lead podcaster role and didn’t get it quite right this time. He has included three of Kevin’s songs and two tips that you will find very helpful as you make a difference to folks who make a difference to you. That all went well, but the intro and a couple of the transitions didn’t go so well for Gary. No worry though. Others on the podcasting team have jumped in to get it right for you. Please relax and enjoy. I think you will see what we have done for you. As Gary likes to say, do well, be well and here we go.

I Can’t Control the Winds, but I Can Adjust the Sails

This episode of Audio Tidbits focuses on philosophy and perspective. Of course, it includes a good measure of Kevin’s music, with the tips and perspectives interspersed. We all have our perspective that is not quite like that of anyone else. That perspective shapes our philosophy, how we view the world and how we think it works or doesn’t work for us. I think you will enjoy the music, the perspectives, and a chance to relax as you consider how things work for you.

Getting It Right

Getting it right isn’t easy but is one of those things that just has to be done. Getting it wrong is a lot easier but means that you never get it right. Yes, you get to choose. Get it right or get it wrong; but that doesn’t seem like much of a choice. Even so, too many of us make the getting it wrong choice.

In this episode of Audio Tidbits, there are three tips for getting it right. You may be surprised to find out just what it takes to choose “right,” to keep it between the lines. While you consider your choices, there are also three tunes that will relax and put you in the state of mind to make the best choice for you.

The News Makes Us Worry – The News Makes Us Happy

If you follow the “news,” – as do I – there is a lot more to worry about than to be happy about. Let’s first do our worrying. Here are ten things we might want to put on our worry list.

1. Whether or not the President, Vice President, Secretary of State, Attorney General and most everyone heading the executive branch of our Federal government are serving the public interest or simply self-dealing and using their positions to further themselves and their financial backers.

2. Whether global warming is a real and present danger, proceeding unchecked on a course to cause permanent and irreversible harm to the home planet, or if the potential risk is being wildly exaggerated.

3. Whether the economy is basically sound and unlikely to faulter, or if recession and difficult times are just around the corner.

4. Whether immigration is good and adds to the fullness and richness of our culture and economy, or if it is dangerous and threatens our safety and livelihoods.

5. Whether our schools and colleges are successfully educating our children and young people in ways that prepare them for productive lives in the real world, or if those institutions are only raising the literacy of the more affluent and talented children and young people while neglecting the needs and interests of the less affluent and less talented majority.

6. Whether government will halt the deterioration and neglect of our public facilities and lands or continue to ignore their worsening condition.

7. Whether mass killing, community violence, drug – child – and family abuse, and personal danger will continue to fester, or if our governments and communities will come together to act to reduce and perhaps even stop these facts of American life.

8. Whether having enough to eat, a safe place to live, an adequate education, needed healthcare, and life’s fundamentals will always be contingent on wealth status, or if someday everyone will get a fair shot at the golden ring.

9. Whether Congress will ever get around to dealing with the real issues and concerns of most people – at least most people I know, or if our politicians will continue to be mostly focused on who will win the next election.

10. Whether our democracy is actually at risk and some people really are above the law, or if all the hubbub is just so much smoke to keep us from noticing that nothing is being done about the things that truly are of concern to me and perhaps to you too.

I’m thinking that it wouldn’t be all that difficult to list ten more worries. Your worries are likely not the same as mine, but I have no doubt that you could easily add ten more to your list too. And I haven’t even opened the door to the rest of the world where there are plenty more reasons to worry. But for now, let’s think about our reasons to be happy. I’m sure I have at least ten.

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Conscience __ Mighty Purpose __ Tunes from Kevin MacLeod

Audio Tidbits is back with some fun, including three tunes from Kevin and a couple of tips for making a difference to people who make a difference to you. Please enjoy.

Bridge Burning __ Good Manners __ Tunes From Kevin MacLeod

It’s time for a change. Welcome to the new and improved Audio Tidbits. In this episode, I have included three tunes from the library of Kevin MacLeod. Listeners have asked for more from Kevin and it’s here for you. Not to be disappointed. There are also two tips that will help you Make a positive difference with people who matter to you. This time, you hear about Bridge Burning and are reminded that there is never a good excuse for bad manners. I hope you enjoy the show. If you have any thoughts to share about the new format, please share them with me at Enjoy!

Featured Tidbits (The title link takes you to the podcast’s page.)

The Rock That Refuses to Move

As children, many of us were told that we could be anything we wanted to be. Although the sentiment was likely expressed with the best of intentions, we learned over time that it was not altogether true. There were things we could not do, roles we could not assume, problems we could not solve and things we could not change, no matter how much we wanted to change them, no matter how hard we tried. Now and then, we confronted the rock that refuses to move. Perhaps it was the same people who told us that we could be anything we wanted to be who now told us that we should just accept the things we cannot change. It can make us wish that they would make up their minds. Let’s spend a few minutes thinking about the rocks we cannot move but focus in on people we want to change, for their own good, of course. They sometimes definitely qualify as one of those rocks that refuses to move. No matter what we do, no matter how hard we try, they simply refuse to change. So what to do? That’s the question we explore in this episode of Audio Tidbits. Please join me.

2,000 Maltreated Children

In this episode of PPOV: Personal Point Of View, the title tells the story. 2,000 Maltreated Children. The point to the story is the children, but who is maltreating those young people is perhaps as alarming as the maltreatment of the children. We are doing it. If we have a government of the people and we are the people, we are the villains in the story. Shame on us.

Appreciative Inquiry

Cooperrider, David L. and Diana Whitney. Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Revolution in Change. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Incorporated, 2005. ... Cooperrider, David L., Diana Whitney, Jacqueline M. Stavros, with Foreword by Ronald Fry. Appreciative Inquiry: Handbook for Leaders of Change. Second Edition. Brunswick, OH: Crown Custom Publishing, Incorporated, 2008. Companies all too often call for low-morale surveys instead of designing rigorous inquiries into extraordinary moments of high engagement, commitment, and passionate achievement. Human systems grow in the direction of their deepest and most frequent inquiries. What is it that you want more of in your organization? Our experience suggests that organizational change needs to look a lot more like an inspired movement than a neatly packaged or engineered product. Every organization has something that works right--things that give it life when it is most alive, effective, successful, and connected in healthy ways to its stakeholders and communities. Valuing the best of "what is" leads to envisioning what might be. Envisioning involves passionate thinking, creating a positive image of a desired and preferred future. … The most important resource for generating constructive organizational change or improvement is collective imagination and discourse about the future. One of the basic theorems of the anticipatory view of organizational life is that the image of the future guides what might be called the current behavior of any organism or organization. Much like a movie projected on a screen, human systems are forever projecting ahead of themselves a horizon of expectation that brings the future powerfully into the present as a mobilizing agent. In the final analysis, organizations exist because people who govern and maintain them share some sort of discourse or projection about what the organization is, how it will function, what it will achieve, and what it will likely become. The most powerful vehicle…

The Cost of “I Don’t Care.”

A few years ago, I was sitting at the negotiation table with the staff negotiator for the UAW who was representing most of the staff of the human services agency I directed. We both knew where the final agreement would settle within a fairly narrow range, so the negotiation was somewhere between proforma at one end and details that didn't matter all that much one way or another at the other end. As expected, the union made some proposals that we both knew weren't going to be accepted and a few that were both reasonable and acceptable. The negotiation was to sort out those details and issues. We both knew that labor and management can have big issues at times but also knew that this was not one of those times; or so I thought. In this round of negotiations, the agency would have been fine continuing the current contract but was quite willing to sweeten the deal some. Here is the problem. The UAW negotiator made the first offer from the union that he knew, and I knew would not be accepted. The agency then made its first counter offer that I knew, and he knew would not be accepted. We were setting the outside limits within which the negotiation was expected to focus. To my surprise, the UAW negotiator immediately brought out his only real weapon. Instead of making a modified offer, he said that they would take an immediate strike vote if their first offer wasn't accepted in full. What do you think my response should have been? I admit that the temptation to play his version of hard ball was nearly overwhelming. Although I was far from speechless, the range of possible responses was flowing past so rapidly that I was temporarily dumbfounded. I finally said,…

Christmas Rap – Audio TidBits Podcast

You say you are not a fan of rap music? Well, don't be too quick to judge. If you aren't humming this one later on today or tomorrow, I'll consider the notion that rap music is definitely not for you. Here's a little wager though: I'll bet you can't go four hours without humming it in your rapper head.

Journeys and PRIDE

There are many challenges and journeys for us, our families, our communities and our country. How we handle those challenges, how we make those journeys always matters. It's the difference between acting with PRIDE and just getting by. Let's listen and discover the secret to meeting our challenges and journeys with PRIDE and caring for ourselves and our neighbors.

The Friendship Secret

You might assume that being a good friend is one of those things that just comes naturally. Everyone knows how and has no problem knowing who and who isn't a good friend. Unfortunately, you would be wrong. I was wrong until I had an unexpected encounter with a real guru. Let me tell you about it.

Getting It Done

I agree that having it done is usually better than getting it done, but may or may not be as much fun. Even so, this time, getting it done is a very nice outcome. Please have a listen and see how it works for you. Kevin has contributed another one of his cool tunes to the mix for us. That gives us half talk and half fun tune. That's a mix that is hard to criticize.

The Great Mouse Hunt Returns to the City – Audio TidBits Podcast

The Great Mouse Hunt has shifted to a rainy day in the city. The hunters hunt, The Great Mouse avoids capture, the city continues as cities do. Be sure not to miss the last two minutes or so. It tends to defy description.

Relating Long Term (16) – Audio TidBits Podcast

Thanks for joining us for this special episode of the How To Matter podcast. James has developed a series about how to matter with people with whom you have a long term relationship. You are about to hear one of the episodes from the series. If you subscribed to the podcast from (Check out the How To Matter category.) or from your favorite podcast player, all of the previous episodes in the series are there for you. Please enjoy this episode now.

Dr. Pepper’s First Principle

You may know about Dr. Pepper but likely do not know about Dr. Pepper's First Principle. If you are open to a tip about life and living in the real world. Dr. Pepper's First Principle is one you will not want to miss. Press play and learn.

Understand & Value the Mission (Tip 001)

It’s important to consistently assure that you are Supporting and furthering your organization's mission. This starts with being sure you Understand and value that mission.

93 Things to Say and Do in a Pinch

When dealing with people at work or at home, do you find yourself at a loss as to what to do or how to proceed now and then? If not, good for you, but if you are merely human like the rest of us, here’s a bulletin for you. There are always things to say, things to do.

Here are ninety-three that you can pick from the next time you find yourself in a pinch. Just pick one, any one, and go for it. They all work in a pinch. If you have five minutes to explore the full set, it’s always okay to select the exact one that best fits what’s happening right now. If you are feeling rushed, just pick one and go for it. Either way, you will never again be at a loss as to what to say or do.