Applying to be a Writer

I notice that your publication is called Writing Guru. That’s why I’m contacting you to apply to be a writer. I’m sure you get a lot of applications from wannabe writers and I may fit into that well-populated category. To show you why you should consider me over those other wannabes, below please find the key reasons why I’m your best choice.

Writers don’t say things that I’ve never thought or said; they just say it better than I do. That’s why I’m only a wannabe, but not for long. I’m confident that spending time around other writers at Writing Guru will rub off.

I admit that the difference between me telling a story and writers telling the same story is that writers skip the boring parts and cut to the Chace, going straight to the interesting parts. I’m thinking that once I’m on board, other writers can point out the uninteresting parts of what I write, thus only the interesting parts will remain. …

If you want to apply to be a writer, listening to the full application is instructive. Just press play and take notes.

It’s Nothing Personal

How do you think you would feel if told, “It’s nothing personal; it’s just business?” You can expect it to be followed by something that feeling people would never do to a friend. It sure feels personal, even if you are told that it’s just business. Press play and learn how to never do that to someone else, even if they persist on doing it to others.

DonJohn Was a Charming Child

DonJohn is running for President, again. You know that. What you may not know is that DonJohn was a charming child. How do we know that? We find the truth in this little, not so scholarly history of politics. Press play, and as you listen, let the music be a clue about just how drab and boring the election season is certain to be.

DonJohn/Mitch vs Joe/Bernie

I listen first to the Democrats and then to the Republicans, First to Joe and Bernie and then to DonJohn and Mitch. I think they are all talking about the USA and about our problems and issues, but it’s hard to know for sure. As best I can figure, the Dems think our most critical issues are healthcare and managing the people wanting to come in from Mexico. The Repubs are mostly concerned about the Dems and whether they will actually be able to displace DonJohn and Mitch in 2020.

It must be more thoughtful than it first seems, so I try to go a little past the surface. Joe and Bernie are focused on and fighting for the twenty percent of us who struggle to make ends meet while DonJon and Mitch are committed to preserving the status quo and the privileged position of the twenty percent of us who are getting along just fine.

I’ll take another pass at understanding what the fuss is all about. DonJohn and Mitch want to reduce controls and constraints on business and wealth expansion while Joe and Bernie want to regulate and contain business and wealth concentration to redistribute those benefits down the line to the workers among us and especially to the twenty percent least wealthy among us.

For the full story, press play and listen to the podcast.

No One Cares About Your Bad Day

If you are having a major personal crisis or a tragic life experience, people might sympathize; but if you are just off your game and things are going sideways for you, no one cares about your bad day. I know, that’s harsh, but it is what it is. So what to do? For the answer, press play and suck it up.

Shut Up … Sit Down

Although it’s usually not the wrong choice to stand up, speek up, shut up and sitdown, it’s worth considering if this may be the time to just shut up and sit down. We’ve all heard about the benefits of being able to speek well, but just because you can speek well doesn’t mean you should. Let’s give some thought to the benefits of keeping our mouths shut.

For example, Will Rogers pointed out what seems obvious but is frequently ignored. He said, “Never miss a good chance to shut up.” Austin O’Malley knew the chief benefit of silence, “If you keep your mouth shut you will never put your foot in it.”

Press play to listen to the podcast where you get the full story.

Do Meetings Ever Start On Time?

What’s your take on this question. “Do meetings ever start on time?” If it’s hard to know, when was the last time you showed up on time for a meeting and it started right on time? It would not be surprising if you can’t recall. I’m having a little rant about that. Press play and join me. You can rant a little too, if you want.

Scam School Is In Session

Have you gotten a robocall that turned into a scam? There are endless robocalls and many if not most are scams. Some time in Scam School may be just what is needed to scam-proof yourself. This session includes three scams and a chance to think about how you would handle them. Press play and join the session.