A Quick Tidbit – You Can’t Win’em All

You aren’t going to win’em all, but nonetheless we try. If that means we always give best effort, good for us. If it means we feel like failures, shame on us. The point is even more true when we respond to others and especially to our children.

A Quick Tidbit – Twice Complimented

It’s always good to compliment someone who did particularly well, who’s work is an example of excellence. Even better is the second compliment. Twice complimented is the extra that makes the difference now and then.

A Quick Tidbit – Low Hanging Fruit

With most any project or task, there are several elements, some of which are easy and go well and others that are difficult and are not going so well. How to approach all of this is sometimes a challenge. This tidbit includes two suggestions you will likely find helpful as you take on projects at home, at work or elsewhere.