Bigfoot, Sasquatch and The Great Mouse

Thanks for joining me.


Just a while ago, I caught a news flash that said the great mouse was spotted over the city. If you don’t know about the great mouse, maybe you know her better as Sasquatch. Out here in the hinterland we call him Big Foot.


I’m thinking that we might spend our time today getting up to speed for those who may not know the background. Even if you do, you may not know about the city incarnation. That would be the great mouse.


I brought in our announcer guy to tell the story for us. The really cool addition is that he also brought his slide show including a lot of clips of chases by the big city elite hunters. Now there’s a high tech pack of great mouse chasers for you.


At any rate, I’ll also show his slide show as he tells the story. All you need to do is turn up your imagination and the pictures will pop into your mind. It’s true. They will just pop in. If you’re skeptical, give it a try and see for yourself.


OK, here we go. The big city Sasquatch, AKA The Great Mouse. (Press Play to hear the full story.)

A Brief Friend Tutorial

Thanks for joining me. In this episode, my associates and I are focusing on friendship. We hope the thoughts and ideas we share serve you well as you consider your friendships and whether they satisfy you along with satisfying your friends.

Let’s start by considering the role of self-awareness in making and keeping friends.

Let me kick things off by asking, “Why is it important for friends to be self-aware?” (Please press play to hear the full discussion.)

The Aliens Talk with Congressman Brown

Thanks for joining me.

You may not know about the aliens that live among us, but please know that they are here and have been among us for many years.

I have gotten access to a recent recording that raises important issues that are receiving inadequate attention from the Congressman and the country more generally, according to the aliens.

Unfortunately, I cannot disclose how I got access to the recording but am leaking it to you in the hope that you will do what you can to make sure these issues get the attention they desperately require. It is discraceful that our Congress gives lip service but does little to eliminate these festering stains on our collective character and pride.

Please listen carefully and consider what you can do to improve our country for all of our fellow residents. (Please press Play to hear the secret recording.)

A Brief Parent Tutorial

Thanks for joining me. In this episode, I will be sharing some thoughts and ideas about being a successful parent. At the heart of it, Parenting, like other interpersonal responsibilities, starts with self-awareness. Yes, it is important to focus on our children but it is equally important to focus on us. How we relate, behave and interact with our children is the essence of parenting and how successful we are as parents.

I have asked a few of my associates to join me to share their perspectives on being parents and the role of self-awareness.

So let’s get started by asking, “Why is self-awareness important for parents?”

Self-awareness is important for parents because it helps them understand their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which in turn helps them better understand and respond to their children’s needs. When parents are self-aware, they are able to regulate their own emotions and behavior, creating a more positive and supportive environment for their children. Additionally, self-awareness allows parents to recognize and acknowledge their own weaknesses and limitations, which can help them seek out resources and support when needed. By being self-aware, parents model healthy coping skills and emotional regulation for their children, in turn promoting their children’s own emotional intelligence and resilience.

But what happens if parents are not self-aware? … (Please press play to hear the full episode.)

A Brief Leadership Tutorial

Thanks for joining me. For this episode, I have invited a few of my associates to share their perspectives on leadership.

of course, I have included the leader’s perspective but have also asked for input from the follower’s perspective. I think we too often limit our thoughts about leadership to the leader and leave the followers somewhere in the background. Here, I hope to bring the followers out so they can share what good leadership means from where they are in the leadership equation.

Let’s start by asking, “Why is self-awareness important for leaders?”

Self-awareness is important for leaders because it allows them to understand their own strengths, weaknesses, values, and biases. This knowledge helps leaders to better understand how they are perceived by others, which in turn allows them to interact more effectively with their team members and make better decisions. With self-awareness, leaders are able to recognize their limitations and seek help or delegate responsibilities to others who may be better suited for certain tasks. Additionally, self-awareness allows leaders to regulate their emotions and behaviors, leading to improved communication, more effective problem-solving, and greater emotional intelligence overall. Therefore, self-awareness is a key component of successful leadership.

But what happens if the leader is not self-aware?

If a leader is not self-aware, they may not fully understand their own strengths, weaknesses, biases, or the impact they have on others. This lack of awareness can make it difficult to communicate effectively with team members, make sound decisions, or empathize with others. Without self-awareness, a leader may be perceived as arrogant, insensitive, or even abusive, and this can create a toxic work environment that can negatively impact productivity, morale, and employee retention.

In addition, a leader who lacks self-awareness may also struggle to learn from their mistakes or recognize when they need to make changes to their leadership style. This can lead to a lack of growth or development in both the leader and their team, which can ultimately limit success and result in missed opportunities.

Overall, self-awareness is crucial for effective leadership and without it, a leader may struggle to build strong relationships, make informed decisions, and achieve their full potential as a leader.

Now, let’s shift to the follower perspective. (Please listen to the episode for the follower perspective.)