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  • Speaking Thinking and That Little Voice

    When speaking, what we say matters, how we say it matters and who we say it to matters as well. When we think, what we think matters and how we […]

  • Perspectives

    I think we likely agree that perspective is important in a lot of areas but perhaps no more important than our perspective on ourselves. It is sometimes way to easy […]

  • The Friendship Secret

    You might assume that being a good friend is one of those things that just comes naturally. Everyone knows how and has no problem knowing who and who isn’t a […]

  • Encore: One for You and One for Me

    Encores are fun. Here’s one for you and one for me. I’ll let you decide which is which. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 5:06 — 4.7MB) | […]

  • Muses and Brain Power

    If you are a writer or just like to write, you know about muses and how elusive they can be. The podcasting team has some notions here that you may […]

  • Journeys and PRIDE

    There are many challenges and journeys for us, our families, our communities and our country. How we handle those challenges, how we make those journeys always matters. It’s the difference […]

  • Do You Trust Your Hunches?

    Do you trust your hunches and should you? This is an important question that needs answered for each of us. Listen and the podcasting team will help you decide. […]

  • Angels Among Us

    Do You Believe? If not, listen and see if you still doubt. If you believe, listen and be reminded. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:13 — 7.4MB) […]

  • Just Another Ball of String

    Although I question whether it’s true for serious relationship issues, most of the problems we need to solve turn out to be just another ball of string. Please listen and […]

  • The Clock Is Still Ticking

    The clock is still ticking and the time to prevent disaster is waning. There is still time to act; but the time keeps getting less and less. When will you […]

  • You May Be Charming

    You may be charming, but then again…. Please listen and check to be sure. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 4:11 — 9.6MB) | Embed

  • The Great Mouse Terrorizes the Universe

    The battle is once more raging as our intrepid hunters confront the Great Mouse. She has shifted from the previous dimension at the edge of the city to a strange […]

  • The Great Mouse May Have Met Her Match

    Our intrepid hunters are again confronting the Great Mouse. They detected her in an alternative dimension, dangerously near the heart of the city. Their goal as always is to capture […]

  • Applying to be a Writer

    I notice that your publication is called Writing Guru. That’s why I’m contacting you to apply to be a writer. I’m sure you get a lot of applications from wannabe […]

  • A Country Vibe

    Calling this a country vibe is unfair to country folks and sort of lets city folks off the hook. Maybe it’s just one night in the life of…. Press play […]

  • It’s Nothing Personal

    How do you think you would feel if told, “It’s nothing personal; it’s just business?” You can expect it to be followed by something that feeling people would never do […]

  • DonJohn Was a Charming Child

    DonJohn is running for President, again. You know that. What you may not know is that DonJohn was a charming child. How do we know that? We find the truth […]

  • DonJohn/Mitch vs Joe/Bernie

    I listen first to the Democrats and then to the Republicans, First to Joe and Bernie and then to DonJohn and Mitch. I think they are all talking about the […]

  • No One Cares About Your Bad Day

    If you are having a major personal crisis or a tragic life experience, people might sympathize; but if you are just off your game and things are going sideways for […]

  • Shut Up … Sit Down

    Although it’s usually not the wrong choice to stand up, speek up, shut up and sitdown, it’s worth considering if this may be the time to just shut up and […]

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