As the Inner Circle Becomes Stronger

There is an Inner Circle that grows stronger as we are focused on the virus and all that it implies for us. Our government slips further away from government by the people, for the people and toward government by the few for the few. The Inner Circle evolves and grows stronger.

I discovered this exchange by the Aliens Amongst Us and want to share it, due to the message it includes about the Inner Circle and the insidious path it is taking to shrink our freedoms and opportunities to the benefit of the Inner Circle. Even though it has been re-mastered, one has to listen carefully to catch the message lurking within. Please attend carefully and most thoughtfully.

Introverts Declare

You probably know that May is Introvert Month, starting this past May. It was about time, don’t you think. It’s not that we introverts minded being ignored since forever; it’s just that we were frequently pressured to transform ourselves into extroverts. “Get out of your shell.” “Join in.” “Don’t act so depressed.” “Relax and have a little fun.” “Come to the party.” “Get over your shyness.”

Well, I hope all of that nonsense has been put to rest. We enjoy being introverts and have little to no interest in parties, social gatherings, drinking fountain gossip or just hanging out with friends and co-workers. Spending time by ourselves or maybe with one other person who does not pressure too much is our comfort zone, where life and living are at their best. We aren’t asking extroverts to change and are simply asking that they don’t pressure us to change either.

If That’s you I’m hearing with that “hurry, hurry, hurry” or “rush, rush, rush,” I’m picking up on your pressure to get to the point. I’m okay with your extrovert impatience, but it’s not going to get me to go any faster. I’m not totally immune to social pressure, but it sure doesn’t get me to stop doing things in my own good time.

Here’s the thing. I have a recommendation. But before I get to the recommendation, I need to help you with perspective.

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Here’s The Thing

Here’s the thing. Figuring out how to deal with it would be easier if I had an outline. I could just move from point to point, only needing to fill in the details as I proceed. Knowing what I was doing wouldn’t be necessary. I would always just be following the outline. I could easily convince myself that I was my own person, acting on my own initiative, but that outline would always be there. Once I figured out how to complete the current step, I would know in advance what the next step would be, and the one after that, and the one after that. Maybe not my plan, but I could feel like it was my plan.

But what is the it in figuring out how to deal with it? Unfortunately, there is little difference whether it is life itself or the project I am working on today, whether it is how I spend my week or how to peel a banana. There is always an outline, a set of habitual steps or usual procedures. Most of the time and in most situations, I know what comes next. I need only follow the outline.

Now and then, I come across a situation, circumstance or problem where knowing what to do or how to proceed aren’t obvious. There appears not to be an outline. Nothing is telling me what’s next.

Here’s the thing. When the situation, circumstance or problem passes – and they always eventually pass – I look back at what I did or didn’t do, how I dealt with whatever was going on. From that perspective, I assess my actions or lack of action. I now see what wasn’t apparent. I understand why I did or did not do this or that, what I could have or shouldn’t have done. I am able to retrospectively recognize the outline I followed or perhaps the outline I should have followed. The outline was there for me had I been smart enough, clever enough or insightful enough to see it and then follow it.

I’m not thinking that there is always a best way or right way to proceed. Even so, I do think that there are always better ways and worse ways, more correct and more incorrect ways to deal with things. Sometimes the outline is explicit, including specific step by step instructions; and sometimes it’s little more than guidelines or implicit suggestions. Even so, the outline is there, encouraging me to follow along. …

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