The Great Mouse Discovery

The Great Mouse has been discovered retreating to a parallel universe to recover and refuel. Our intrepid hunters have tracked the Great Mouse to a remote destination and hope to capture it once and for all. It is a menace in the universe and is the greatest threat to the Earth that Earth humans have ever known. Let’s join the hunt and learn how our intrepid hunters do in this, the latest episode of their quest to rid the universe of the Great Mouse.

Just Crying In His Beer

Micah dropped by his neighborhood watering hole to pass the time on a Friday night. He is pulled up to the bar and talking to himself or perhaps to the bartender, it’s hard to say for sure. What we do know is that he is just crying in his beer which seems to magically keep coming. I don’t know how he does it but why don’t you give it a listen and see if you can figure out the trick?

Christmas Rap

You say you are not a fan of rap music? Well, don’t be too quick to judge. If you aren’t humming this one later on today or tomorrow, I’ll consider the notion that rap music is definitely not for you. Here’s a little wager though: I’ll bet you can’t go four hours without humming it in your rapper head.

We Got Trouble

WeGotTrouble is a compressed way of pointing out that we got trouble. Either way, we got trouble and you can join in if you want to be able to say that you’ve got trouble too. OK, you won’t really have trouble but just listening may let you know how much trouble we’ve got. Go ahead. Press play and take a chance.

Audio Tidbits Encore (vol. 0)

I got an e-mail from an Audio Tidbits Podcast listener who wondered what my favorite posts have been over the last year or so. There are several posts that I particularly like but a few stand out in my memory. In this episode of the podcast, let me share three or four of my favorites. I hope you like them too. If you have a favorite, let me know and I will include it in an encore one of these days.

The Train To Nowhere

The train to nowhere is coming from anywhere and is headed somewhere but the exact destination is a mystery. Hop aboard and take a chance on ending up somewhere you want to be or just put the car in park, lower the windows and relax. The train to nowhere will pass, eventually.

The Great Mouse Hunt – Day Two

I hope you enjoyed your adventure on the first day of The Great Mouse Hunt. You are about to learn that the first day was merely a warm-up for the real hunt. The first day was a teaser for hunting hobbyists but the second day of The Great Mouse Hunt is restricted to serious hunters. Only if you are prepared for the real deal should you click play and join the hunt. Please know that you have been warned. Proceed at your own risk.

The Great Mouse Hunt

Have you ever wished you could guide a hunting party into the deep forest in hunt of the Great Mouse? Well, this is your opportunity to lead The Great Mouse Hunt. Just click play and be sure to bring along all of your mouse hunting gear and take care to dress for the weather.

Rhythmic Excursion

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a new post with you. OK, it has been quite a while. For my first post for a very long time, I thought a rhythmic excursion might be just what you have been hoping I would have for you. Well, here it is. I hope it was worth the wait.

You Don’t Say Congressman Brown?

I was actually there when the Congressman spoke and can assure you that “You Don’t Say Congressman Brown” is a perfectly appropriate title. Since I do not have a membership card for the group, The Congressman’s security people would not let me get any closer. For the audio, I would have like to be closer but I think you will be able to hear what the Congressman had to say or didn’t have to say, depending on your perspective. Here is Congressman Brown’s complete talk. You can surely judge for yourself.

But New Will Not Come

What do you get when you mix two adults, a young boy, city traffic, a storm and constant rain? Well, it may not be as uncomfortable as you might expect. Have a listen and see if joining the trip might not just be the way you have been looking for to spend five minutes or so.

Ever Wish You Were A Philosopher?

When I was in high school, I thought it would be very cool to be a physicist. I don’t think I actually knew what physicists did but thought it probably had something to do with rockets. Although I don’t recall considering becoming a rocket scientist, I did think going to MIT would be a fine goal.

I pursued that idea until I discovered that I would actually have to move to Massachusetts if I chose to pursue that goal. Sure, I already knew that but the reality hadn’t sunk in yet. When it did, staying closer to home seemed like a much better plan.

To make a short story even shorter, I decided that Ohio University and I would be a much better fit.

Did I still want to be a physicist? Yes but only for about five minutes. I took a class in philosophy and was hooked. Not hooked like that would be my life work but hooked like this is a lot more fun than physics.

As is true for many if not most twenty-year-olds, life and living led me in other directions but the philosophy bug still had me.

Let me share a few points that I would have spent years pondering had I stuck with philosophy. The points are far from profound but do capture a bit of my personal philosophy. If you want, you can consider how they fit with your take on life and living.

OK, that’s enough of the preliminaries. Here are thirty or so things I think worth considering. They work for me and may well work for you. Just press play and away you go.

I’ve Had It!

Do I have a deal for you. If you’re like me, you are usually on your best behavior, trying to get along, trying to work things out in an environment that is frequently not nearly as considerate as you. It’s enough to make you pull out your hair, if you still have any left from the last time your supervisor came close to driving you to drink.

Would you like some techniques and strategies for rocking that boat, for just giving up on all that counting to ten and holding your breath? The Audio Tidbits podcast team has been there too and is here for you with just the advice you have been looking for. We aren’t quite ready to encourage you to take the tips seriously but they are here for you the next time you have had it, as they say who are at the end of their rope when it comes to patience and making nice.

Please press play, listen and then use your best judgement, if you have any judgement left after having to put up with those people.