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The Great Political Debate


Consider this argument reduced here to three chapters. It has been going on for days and weeks in long form and is condensed here to highlight the conflict.

We have two intelligent, well informed people who grew up together but who have developed irreconcilable and opposing world views and political positions. They represent what we know as polarizing views. They each are committed to their perspective and see no compromise or middle ground.

Chapter One

“You can’t be serious, Jake. You’re voting for Smith?” Lisa asked incredulously, staring at her brother across a table at their neighborhood coffee house.

“Yes, I am. And you should too, if you care about freedom and personal responsibility,” Jake replied, his voice rising.

“Freedom? Responsibility? Smith is a selfish, greedy, and corrupt politician who only cares about himself and his cronies. He wants to cut taxes for the rich, slash social programs, and deregulate everything.

“That’s a bunch of lies, Lisa. Smith is a visionary leader who understands that the best way to grow the economy and create opportunities is to let people keep more of their hard-earned money, reduce government interference, and unleash the power of the free market. He respects the Constitution, the rule of law, and the rights of the individual. He’s the only one who can stand up to the global threats and defend our national interests,” Jake countered, his eyes flashing.

Chapter Two

“You’re living in a fantasy world, Jake. The free market is a myth. It’s rigged by the corporations and the billionaires who exploit the workers, the consumers, and the natural resources. They pollute the air, the water, and the land, and they don’t pay their fair share of taxes. They buy off the politicians and the media, and they spread misinformation and propaganda. They’re the ones who are threatening our democracy and our security,” Lisa said, her voice trembling.

“You’re the one who’s deluded, Lisa. The corporations and the billionaires are the ones who create jobs, innovation, and wealth. They’re the ones who invest in research, development, and education. They’re the ones who support charities, the arts, and culture. They’re the ones who are making the world a better place. They’re the ones who deserve our gratitude and admiration, not our envy and resentment,” Jake said, his voice firm.

“How can you be so blind, Jake? Don’t you see the inequality, the injustice, and the suffering that Smith’s policies will cause? Don’t you care about the common good, social welfare, and human dignity? Don’t you value the community, solidarity, and cooperation? Don’t you believe in government, democracy, and public service?” Lisa asked, her voice pleading.

“How can you be so naive, Lisa? Don’t you see the inefficiency, the waste, and the corruption that Jones’s policies will cause? Don’t you care about individual liberty, personal choice, and moral autonomy? Don’t you value competition, merit, and achievement? Don’t you believe in the market, personal freedom, and self-reliance?” Jake asked, his voice challenging.