Muses and Brain Power you are a writer or just like to write, you know about muses and how elusive they can be. The podcasting team has some notions here that you may find helpful. That is followed by some thoughts from James about brain power and how we can give it a boost. Press play and check […]

Journeys and PRIDE are many challenges and journeys for us, our families, our communities and our country. How we handle those challenges, how we make those journeys always matters. It’s the difference between acting with PRIDE and just getting by. Let’s listen and discover the secret to meeting our challenges and journeys with PRIDE and caring for […]

The Clock Is Still Ticking clock is still ticking and the time to prevent disaster is waning. There is still time to act; but the time keeps getting less and less. When will you do what must be done? Please listen and take the warning seriously.

The Great Mouse Terrorizes the Universe battle is once more raging as our intrepid hunters confront the Great Mouse. She has shifted from the previous dimension at the edge of the city to a strange land halfway across the galaxy. This battle is even more violent than all those that came before. The fire power of the intrepid hunters continues […]

The Great Mouse May Have Met Her Match intrepid hunters are again confronting the Great Mouse. They detected her in an alternative dimension, dangerously near the heart of the city. Their goal as always is to capture the Great Mouse, while protecting the human population of the Earth city. So, join me as we serve as neutral observers to the battle. Our […]