Tuesday Caution

The fact of it is that Tuesday just does not have much going for it. Oh well, so much for Tuesday. There is a caution though. If you have a boss, beware. Tuesday is the all-time favorite day for bosses to do their boss thing. By Tuesday, they have pretty much figured out what they want to accomplish for the week and there you are with one of those Tuesdays and nothing much that absolutely has to be done today.

I think you get it. You don’t have to have everything spelled out for you. Even though there isn’t all that much to do next Tuesday, be prepared, especially if your boss will be anywhere close to where you are or if you have a phone or computer that can receive calls, messages, or e-mail.

The Great Mouse Hunt Emerges On Atar XIV

When we last joined our intrepid explorers on The Great Mouse Hunt, they had tracked the Great Mouse to Zombieland where The Great mouse was blending in with the local zombie population. The huntsmen were able to engage The Great Mouse in an intense battle but just as our aggressive hunting party sprung an explosive trap intended to finally capture or destroy The Great Mouse, the beast transmogrified and was gone from Zombieland.

We now find our eager adventurers deep in outer space where they have stalked The Great Mouse to Adar XIV near the outer boundary of the third galaxy beyond ours. Let’s wish our hunters good luck and hope for their final success. Please join me as I hold my breath and keep my fingers crossed anxiously awaiting the outcome of this, the most recent episode in the continuing saga of The Great Mouse Hunt.

The Conversation

Sally and Tyler are relaxing on the patio at a restaurant near their office. This is Tyler’s first day working with Sally and they are taking some time just to get to know each other. Sally has an ice breaker for their conversation. Please listen in to see how they get their working relationship off to a comfortable start.


Not one in a hundred of us will make it through January 1st without at least one resolution for the new year, and more likely two or three. We will resolve to do better, be better, live better, and maybe even lose a little weight. It will be the first day of our personal self-improvement project.

On January 1st in 2019, we will look back and amaze ourselves with how well our personal self-improvement plan was implemented, by us of course. Let’s give ourselves a pat on the back for how well we did in 2018. It is spectacular.

This does raise a relevant question though. Why are those things we are resolving to do still on our to do list? Why haven’t they already been moved to our already done list? What have we been waiting on? …

Alien Insert?

You may know that aliens have taken over AliensAmongstUs.com and are broadcasting there on a regular basis. I fear they may be trying to capture this feed as well. I have a transmission that I think may be a coded message of some sort from the aliens. Please listen and see what you think. If you will share your conclusion, please drop me an e-mail at GAC@GaryCrow.net. I hope it is not from the aliens amongst us but I am worried.

The Christmas Mood

Are you in the Christmas mood? If so, here is a tune that will serve to relax and gain some perspective. If you are not in the Christmas mood, please listen. You will be in the Christmas mood by the time the tune is finished. Either way, don’t miss the end. It is just the zip you have needed.

The Great Mouse Discovery

The Great Mouse has been discovered retreating to a parallel universe to recover and refuel. Our intrepid hunters have tracked the Great Mouse to a remote destination and hope to capture it once and for all. It is a menace in the universe and is the greatest threat to the Earth that Earth humans have ever known. Let’s join the hunt and learn how our intrepid hunters do in this, the latest episode of their quest to rid the universe of the Great Mouse.

The Message of the Christmas Tree

In this post, the theme moves from the familiar to playful, from what we all know to what we all should be sure to remember. Dennis the Menace has the key to the door each of us should take care to unlock. The Message of the Christmas Tree shares much more than a simple decoration. It reminds us to be sure we fill each present with joy and caring.

Just Crying In His Beer

Micah dropped by his neighborhood watering hole to pass the time on a Friday night. He is pulled up to the bar and talking to himself or perhaps to the bartender, it’s hard to say for sure. What we do know is that he is just crying in his beer which seems to magically keep coming. I don’t know how he does it but why don’t you give it a listen and see if you can figure out the trick?

A Short Trip On The Success Train

Do you have time for a short trip on the success Train? I sure hope so since I am going and would very much enjoy sharing the trip with you. I hear we may get a few tips on saying “Yes,” to our success. That shifts the journey from a pleasant outing to one that promises to be totally terrific. Let’s climb aboard.