Dad Rocks

    It certainly comes as no surprise that fathers are important or that a special day has been set aside for remembering Dad. Sure, mothers got their day first; but the people in charge of designating special days finally got around to the obvious: Fathers deserve being honored too. The challenge is in knowing how to do that.

    Do you agree that Dad Rocks? If so, have a listen. If not, “sad” hardly gets at what it makes me feel for you.

    Introverts Speak Up

    Let’s talk some more about introverts. Earlier I told you about Introvert month. It was a big success. It’s about time that extroverts quit getting all the attention simply because they spend so much time socializing and getting in other’s faces. We introverts are here too, and doing just fine thank you.

    There are a couple of things everyone needs to be clear about. We introverts are neither bashful nor shy. …

    Leadership is The Dark Matter of Organizations

    (The notes and references omitted here are available for those of you who are interested at With that stipulation out of the way, let’s get started.)

    Abstract: Leadership is a product of the dark matter in the world of organizations. Like the dark matter in the cosmos, leadership is hypothesized to exist, although its existence can, for the most part, only be inferred from actual observable conditions, events, and circumstances that include successful conclusion of “leadership events.” Thus, leadership actualizes as a transactional event that occurs between the leader and his or her colleagues. Putting the point in a different frame, teams and team work are not just the best leadership strategy, they are the only leadership strategy available to us. …