The Clock Is Still Ticking clock is still ticking and the time to prevent disaster is waning. There is still time to act; but the time keeps getting less and less. When will you do what must be done? Please listen and take the warning seriously.

Let Others Be John O’Brien, his hope was that we may care enough to love enough to share enough to let others become what they can be; but how do we do this at home, at work, and in the context of our other important relationships? Consider the following strategies. They may or may not work equally […]

6 Tips for Teams Be cooperative. This means you work well with others and are there to help as appropriate, when needed. 2. Be loyal. This means you hang in there with the ups and downs and are supportive of and with others when there is internal or external conflict or criticism. 3. Be caring and concerned. This […]

30 Tips for Better Personal Relationships Be Accepting This means you are okay with me as is, with no interest in trying to change me. 2. Be Affectionate This means you find opportunities to be warm and close with me. 3. Be Ambitious This means you are always on the outlook for chances to improve our lives. 4. Be Assertive […]

Too Much You and Not Enough Me is a space between you and me where the balance is just about right, but if the balance gets out of balance, all is not well. That’s true whether you are my child, my partner, my employer, or just someone who wants and needs my attention. In this episode of Audio Tidbits, I give […]

Too Smart to be That Dumb are many reasons why some of us succeed while others of us are only getting by. One of the more hidden reasons is directly related to how successful people – yes, all of them — communicate. They always have smart conversations. While others are having simple conversations, the successful are doing smart, without anyone […]

Being Your Own Person you know someone who is proud of being his or her own person? By that, they mean that the social rules and customs that apply to most of us just don’t apply to them. They think that conforming and predictability are for everyone else but not for them. They are their own person and […]

Nothing Personal — It’s Just Business for giving me a few minutes to share a couple of thoughts about leadership and taking care of business. I found an interesting book that has some ideas worth consideration. In Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box, produced by the Arbinger Institute and published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers in 2002, I discovered what […]