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People Like Me


• Have you noticed that some people have an unusual ability to get others to do what they want them to do?

• Have you noticed that things consistently turn out better for some people than for others?

• Have you noticed that some people seldom end up with the short end of the stick while others frequently come up short?

• Have you noticed that some people regularly follow through with whatever they undertake while others often falter or end up just quitting?

• Have you noticed that, for some people, their influence bubble expands over time, while for other people, their influence bubble stays small or may even contract over time?

Although you have likely already answered, “Yes,” to all five questions, let’s set some qualifications or conditions to make sure we are making an apples to apples comparison. Instead of thinking about everyone compared to everyone, let’s limit ourselves to what we can call childhood reference groups. Think about you and your childhood reference group as I reframe the five questions.