When Leaders Do What Leaders Have To Do

Leaders have many responsibilities, but there is one responsibility that shapes everything else. That is how they use the power and control that comes with leadership. This in turn relates to many areas of responsibility, but none is as important as decision making.

In this episode of Audio Tidbits, I explore leadership and decision making. Included here are levels of decision making. Within this range, there is what we may think of as the decision-making bottom line. That is the decision that few expected and even fewer think is the right decision. How do skilled leaders handle the decision-making bottom line? That is where our discussion leads. Please join me on the journey.

Leaders Are Proactive not Reactive … Here’s How

Skilled leaders deal with many types of people and situations every day. They know that they can’t just react to those people and events. That would be letting those people and those events call the shots, determine the game. That is what skilled leaders always try to avoid. They want to call the shots, want to lead. What is the alternative? Skilled leaders are proactive. In this episode of Audio Tidbits, I share some examples of what it means to be a proactive leader.

A Magic Minute 01

It’s time for a magic minute. Today’s tip shows us the key to those special relationships that we hope will last a very long time, if not forever. If you adopt the tip for yourself, good things will nearly always follow.

The Rock That Refuses to Move

As children, many of us were told that we could be anything we wanted to be. Although the sentiment was likely expressed with the best of intentions, we learned over time that it was not altogether true. There were things we could not do, roles we could not assume, problems we could not solve and things we could not change, no matter how much we wanted to change them, no matter how hard we tried. Now and then, we confronted the rock that refuses to move.

Perhaps it was the same people who told us that we could be anything we wanted to be who now told us that we should just accept the things we cannot change. It can make us wish that they would make up their minds. Let’s spend a few minutes thinking about the rocks we cannot move but focus in on people we want to change, for their own good, of course. They sometimes definitely qualify as one of those rocks that refuses to move. No matter what we do, no matter how hard we try, they simply refuse to change. So what to do? That’s the question we explore in this episode of Audio Tidbits. Please join me.

How Leaders Get Things Done

Skilled leaders have a special knack for getting things done, every time, on time. If they don’t, their days as “leader” are numbered. But how do they do it? What is the special magic in how leaders get things done?

If you closely observe, it first seems as if things just magically get done. The organization is running smoothly, and the pegs just fall into their designated slots. Sure, we know it’s not that easy, but how do they do it? In this episode of Audio Tidbits, I share with you the secrets of proactive leaders. It’s definitely not magic. Please press play and learn just how they do it.

Winning Ways

I suppose everyone is open to winning ways, especially if the alternative is losing ways. For good or bad, that’s not how it works. The actual alternative to winning ways is committing to the status quo. For most of us, it takes a serious effort to lose. Just showing up and going along are normally enough to assure that you don’t lose. You won’t win the success game, but the status quo is at least familiar.

If you choose winning ways, the success gurus have a few tips that you will need to take to heart, if success is in the picture for you. I’m tempted to do some name dropping here but will let the gurus speak for themselves. You already know their names. The first step to committing to winning ways is to press play and hop on the path to your success.

When to React and When to Let It Go

If we listen to the success gurus, it’s easy to get the impression that we need to always be positive and focus only on what is the up side of most everything and everyone. Maybe that works for them, but I have bad days, get upset with situations and people now and then and sure don’t always focus on the up side of things. There are definitely people and events that don’t please me and times when it is best to just stay clear of me. But does that mean that success is out of the question? Do we have to always put that positive foot in front of us? I think not. Let’s listen and see how to get angry or upset with style and thoughtfulness.

Speaking Thinking and That Little Voice

When speaking, what we say matters, how we say it matters and who we say it to matters as well. When we think, what we think matters and how we get in touch with our thought process matters. It is easy to just go on automatic but our success depends on doing better than automatic. Let’s spend a few minutes considering what it means when we do better than automatic.


I think we likely agree that perspective is important in a lot of areas but perhaps no more important than our perspective on ourselves. It is sometimes way to easy to become overly impressed with ourselves and with our importance. We have a perspective on that which we all may benefit from. Please listen and judge for yourself.

The Friendship Secret

You might assume that being a good friend is one of those things that just comes naturally. Everyone knows how and has no problem knowing who and who isn’t a good friend. Unfortunately, you would be wrong. I was wrong until I had an unexpected encounter with a real guru. Let me tell you about it.

Muses and Brain Power

If you are a writer or just like to write, you know about muses and how elusive they can be. The podcasting team has some notions here that you may find helpful. That is followed by some thoughts from James about brain power and how we can give it a boost. Press play and check it out.