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Aliens Evolve


Scene One:

It has been many sun cycles since we first initiated infiltration with the Earth humans, far too many cycles for Earth humans to grock. At first, we took care not to be detected by the Earth humans. We grocked that it would be too traumatic for the Earth humans to discover that they are not alone in the universe. The factor we did not initially consider is Earth human indifference.

What do you intend when you posit indifference.

Let me take a pass at explaining. We grocked that if the Earth humans were to detect our presence, they would react unpredictably. Not knowing how they would handle knowing about us, we chose prudence. Despite our effort to remain undetected, we were detected by one of the more clever Earth humans who shared the discovery with other Earth humans. Very rapidly, our covert approach to infiltration became unsustainable. Our presence on the Earth planet was no longer hidden from the Earth humans.

Although our presence is not widely known among the Earth humans, knowledge of alien infiltration is real and expanding. I agree that the reaction of the Earth humans could not have been predicted. Humor is the most common reaction. Earth humans know of our presence but only find it amusing that we believe we think we are not of the Earth planet. They deal with our presence the same way they deal with any unidentified flying object that enters their awareness. They simply deny the possibility of an alien origin. Any U F O sighting is dismissed as nothing more than some natural or man-made phenomenon. The possibility of an alien origin is rejected out-of-hand.

The good news in all of this is that we can come and go on the Earth planet without worrying that the Earth humans will ever grock who we are or where we originated. We need only take care not to draw avoidable or unnecessary attention to ourselves. Our leader in the capital city of the America pod has already mastered this outing in plain sight technique. He makes no pretense of being one of the Earth humans. He boasts about being unique, smarter and more clever than any of the Earth humans and the only entity capable of rescuing the inhabitants of the America pod in particular and the Earth planet more generally from the grips of the liberal left who will destroy the America pod if our leader in the capital city is not permitted to continue to reign large. With Lieutenants like Mike p and Mitch M to support his every comment or action without regard for accuracy or authenticity, our leader in the capital city is good to go indefinitely.

I suspect that you have gotten distracted. If I grock your point, our leader in the capital city makes no effort to disguise his alien origin. It just is not necessary. The Earth humans in the America pod do not so much as give even passing consideration to our leader in the capital city not being an Earth human. Your point is that if our leader in the capital city has not been outed as alien, we need not concern ourselves about the Earth humans grocking to us and our origin. I totally agree. We can continue our infiltration as we come and go among the Earth humans. Our strategy to consolidate wealth and political power within the inner circle is progressing quite nicely. We are getting close to the tipping point where any pretense of equality and individual opportunity is no longer necessary. Soon now we can shift our focus to more aggressively dismantling the remnants of representative governance. Our leader in the capital city and his cohorts have been picking away at traditional rules and regulation, but we are near the time when governance by the few for the benefit of the few can be open and will go uncontested. The inner circle will be complete.