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The Aliens Amongst Us Reveal The Life Force Singularity


Greetings Earth Humans. We are pleased to be back on our broadcast channel after what may seem to you like a long absence. Please don’t think that we aren’t sensitive to how committed you are to what you take as the natural state of things. You use what you call time as a way of making sense of life on the Earth planet, as we well know. We do understand that you are most comfortable when nothing fails to conform to your time paradigm. We actually think your adoption of sun cycles and moon cycles, although somewhat primitive, is quite clever. They do provide a convenient local reference for organizing the activities of Earth humans. The time paradigm lets you assign events to specific segments of what you refer to as history or sometimes as the timeline. At any rate, we do recognize that what you may perceive as our absence from an extended segment of your timeline may appear to reflect an absence from the Earth planet or at least an absence from this broadcast channel. Let us assure you that neither is a true understanding of what you call reality.

May we first express ourselves at the level of your reality. You are hearing us now as the identified aliens amongst you and associate that experience with what seems like a previous instance of hearing us as the identified aliens amongst you, using your time paradigm. From that perspective, you perceive the timeline segment as more extended than you might have expected. You then define that expectation failure as representing an unexpected absence. We want to assure you that you have been continuously hearing from us and have simply failed to recognize us. We have been here without interruption, communicating our messages to you.

There are important cognitive threads that we have decided to pursue with you during this broadcast. We realize that you may find each of them to be counter-intuitive, and thus may reject them out of hand. We nonetheless think that at least exposing you to them is essential to your understanding of what you think of as reality.