The Alien Leader In The Capital City Is On The Hot Seat – Aliens Amongst Us

The Central Council on the home planet of the Aliens Amongst Us has scheduled a transmission to get feedback on their Leader in the Capital City from the Aliens Amongst Us here on Earth. I’m not sure how the participants were selected; but each has been asked to share his or her opinions and impressions of the activities and strategies of their leader in the capital city. Although I was not able to capture this transmission in real time, the Aliens Amongst Us have chosen to put it on the Aliens Amongst Us feed so it is here for you. Please listen and see if you concur with their assessment of their leader in the capital city.

Prejudice & Politics – Aliens Amongst Us

The Aliens Amongst Us are reporting back to their home planet and Intercept1 has intercepted their transmission. He continues to do all he can to capture as much of their communication as possible. His goal is to share it with you so you know about their presence amongst us and are as informed as you can be about their activities and motivations.


Intercept1 is doing all he can do to capture clear audio but the quality of the transmissions are still being intentionally distorted by the aliens. You will need to listen carefully and may need to go back to listen more carefully to be sure you don’t miss anything important.


In this transmission, the Aliens Amongst Us are somewhat confused about the current newsworthiness of statues and history along with the political attention being given to the events in Virginia. They report that their leader in the capital city continues to seem confused, with the goal of distracting other Americans about what his real agenda is. Please listen and see if you can sort out the issues and positions.

Bullies, Bears, Poking Sticks & Missed Opportunities – Aliens Amongst Us

Intercept1 has what reporters like to call a scoop. The Aliens Amongst Us are having a conversation about their time on Earth and hint at their purpose for being here. Intercept1 has managed to intercept the conversation and shares it here with you.


The Aliens believe that humans are missing their best and last opportunity to be the shining star in the universe. They discuss examples but are particularly alarmed about the pattern of the strong bullying the weak, the powerful disadvantaging the less powerful, the rich exploiting the poor. They give us much to think about. Please listen and ponder.

News Strategies, North Korea & The Environment – Aliens Amongst Us

Hey folks, I think I may have a first for you. I think I have intercepted a simple conversation among the Aliens amongst us. I don’t think they are reporting back to their home planet. They are just talking with each other. The Aliens are discussing news strategies, North Korea and the environment. Let’s listen in.

Congress Goes Home, The Alien leader rules & Unemployment Mystifies – Aliens Amongst Us

Intercept1 has an update for you on the Aliens Amongst Us. In this transmission back to their home planet, the Aliens Amongst Us are updating their home planet officials on the activities or lack of activity seen from the Congress. They also touch on the Russian issue and their leader in the capital city’s brilliant strategy for making it a non-issue. The fake news is just that: fake news. There is no truth to it whatsoever. The Aliens Amongst Us are also baffled by the notion of unemployment and share their mystification with their home leaders.


Intercept1 will return with another update at any point he is able to intercept the transmissions. In the meantime, please stay alert and vigilant. The Aliens Amongst Us are here and pursuing their agenda. Be Safe.