Aliens Amongst Us

Aliens Evolve

Scene Two:

Don’t worry about their overhearing us. We can hear them but they can’t hear us. Right now, they aren’t hearing anything except each other.

If you listened carefully, you could tell that they are still obsessing about the infiltration of Earth. Thinking that they are aliens aside, they still believe that they came to Earth from a far away planet sometime in the distant past. You may have noticed that they are quite non-specific about how that happened or when. Granted that they came into their majority in a consciousness centered at a distance from Earth; but they still seem to have no insight into the nature of what they think of as movement but we know is merely be a shift in perspective. Although they are cognitively advanced relative to most of the indigenous population of Earth, their evolution is still at a fairly primitive stage. At their current level, they continue to be bound to a three-dimensional understanding. Additional dimensions for them are but theoretical and speculative.

I struggle to recall when we were at their stage of evolution. It’s like when our reality construction expanded to include elephants and oceans. I know that was an evolutionary way point but once past it, the memory of a time when those elements of reality had not formed fades. From where we are now, it’s hard to recall where we were then.

It’s tempting to try to help them understand that time itself is the wringer for them. Once they comprehend that reality, it becomes easier to dismiss notions of distance and direction as products of their yet primitive cognition. They will be a while yet clinging to perceiving themselves as separate from each other and both separate and distinct relative to the Earth’s indigenous life nodes.

A belief in the separateness of each life node or what the primitives think of as individuals was for me one of the most difficult concepts to abandon. My struggle was with understanding the duel reality of life nodes. The individual perspective is certainly valid but no more valid than the unified perspective. They both exist concurrently. It’s like looking first left and then right. Reality doesn’t change. It’s merely a shift in perspective. Both perspectives are always there.

I wonder if even the notion of life nodes and their duel nature aren’t indicative of persistent primitive cognition.

I’m not sure how that would work. You could be right. I know we are all still evolving; at least I hope we are. Our understanding is far from perfect, far from complete.