The Ideal Home for the Perfect Employee

In the last episode of the Audio Tidbits Podcast, focus was on the perfect employee, on those who aspire to be perfect employees and on employers who hope to hire the perfect employee. In this episode, the discussion is expanded to consider the ideal home for the perfect employee. Please consider an organization that aspires […]

The Perfect Employee

Do you aspire to be the perfect employee? Perhaps you want to find and hire the perfect employee. Either way, this guide to recognizing the perfect employee is one you may find to be essential to your success. Please consider the guide carefully. As you will see, the perfect employee is rare. The best most […]

Love Power and Relationships

We likely think we value equality in some relationships and not in others. When it comes to love and power, though, the likelihood of equality is quite slim. This holds between the people in the relationship and between love and power themselves. Love, power and relationships are dynamic variables and not constants and mix and […]

The Surprising Present

I stopped by the Audio Tidbits Podcast Headquarters a while back and got what was for me a surprising present. I will not go with a spoiler here. You will need to listen to share in the surprising present. DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | […]

Your Call Is Very Important To Us

How much can you get done when the best they can do is to assure you that “Your call is very important to us?” Some days, not much. The good news is that doing nothing and getting nothing done may be a better outcome than you might have thought. The Audio Tidbits Podcast team has […]

I Might Change But…

We are told that we should accept the things we can’t change, but should we really? The truth of the matter is that I don’t think that I know what that means. Whether I do or don’t, I do know that it likely doesn’t matter whether I accept what I can’t change or not. Things […]

Speed Round — remix

I have remixed an earlier episode of Audio Tidbits Podcast. It’s a group of tips and suggestions for making a difference for people who make a difference for you. I think you will likely enjoy all of the tips and may find one or two that particularly resonate for you. Please listen and pick out […]

On Comes Family Violence

It started with a temper tantrum. It didn’t amount to much. He was only 3 and the truth of the matter is that it was kind of cute. Then he was 15 and it was actually out of hand, but still not worth the hassle and expense of getting some outside, professional help. Then he […]

Refugees in Cleveland

Do you know that there are refugees in Cleveland? Who are they; why are they there; should they be there? Please listen and decide for yourself. DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS

Cowboys and Indians

Did you ever play cowboys and Indians? Maybe you are too young to have that childhood pastime as part of your history. You might even be so young that even knowing how to play cowboys and Indians didn’t make it into your skill set. If you want to test your non-digital playtime acuity, try this […]