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Who Intimidates You?


Have you ever heard someone say, “No one intimidates me?” What do you think? Perhaps you have said that yourself.

I suspect that the person who makes such a declaration is somehow missing the obvious or maybe just doesn’t get it. Even if we are the best in the world at something we do, we aren’t the best in the world at everything we do. In this episode, I discuss those times when we aren’t the best and know it. There is someone or many someones who are much better at what we want to do than we are.

What do you do or want to do, knowing that you aren’t the best and most likely won’t ever come close to being the best? Who do you know that is much better at it than you are? That is where to look when trying to decide who intimidates you.

If this all rings a little bell for you, press play and listen. I have a tip you may find helpful.