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Keeping On Is The Only Game In Town – Audio TidBits Podcast

Things don't always go smoothly? Plans sometimes don't work out? You don't always win? Maybe you should just hang it up. But if that is not your style, this episode of the Skidooing Podcast was made for you.

Angels, Beer and the Cost of Anger – Audio TidBits Podcast

“If a man is not rising upwards to be an angel, depend upon it, he is sinking downwards to be a devil.” What do you think about this pronouncement from Samuel Taylor Coleridge? If you are skeptical about this angel thing, consider what George Elliot said, “The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone.” OK, you may still see nothing but sand and are too busy to rise upwards to be an angel. Besides, you’ve never seen an angel and doubt if anyone else has either. Well, it’s just like James Russell Lowell said, “All God's angels come to us disguised.” Voltaire added, “It is not known precisely where angels dwell - whether in the air, the void, or the planets. It has not been God's pleasure that we should be informed of their abode.” Nonetheless, “Angels descending, bring from above, echoes of mercy, whispers of love.” (Fanny J. Crosby) It’s like Jean Paul Richter told us, “The guardian angels of life fly so high as to be beyond our sight, but they are always looking down upon us.” “O welcome, pure-eyed Faith, white-handed Hope, Thou hovering angel, girt with golden wings!” (John Milton, Comus) … . . . . . “The harsh, useful things of the world, from pulling teeth to digging potatoes, are best done by men who are as starkly sober as so many convicts in the death-house, but the lovely and useless things, the charming and exhilarating things, are best done by men with, as the phrase is, a few sheets in the wind.” H.L. Mencken certainly laid it out that drink is a good news – bad news opportunity. Sure, it…

The Loving Touch

The tiny threads that sew you and your beloved together are intimate and very private; and the loving touch is definitely one of those tiny threads that bind you to each other. It comes in many forms and flavors from a sentimental card or candy in a pretty box to a warm embrace. Flowers and a romantic dinner work as well. Whatever form it takes, the loving touch means that it's an uncommon moment, a moment for special friends and lovers. But alas, the cards will be read and the candy eaten, expensive presents discarded and sincere words forgotten. In time the flowers will wilt and the romantic dinner become but yesterday's fond memory. Something more is needed: a loving touch not to fade, not to be forgotten. It needs to provide that special advantage that Judith Viorst said marriage brings to the two of you. "One advantage of marriage is that, when you fall out of love with him or he falls out of love with you, it keeps you together until you fall in again." To sustain your love until you fall in love again, the loving touch needs to last longer than the day and keep reminding, keep saying, "I love you." This spirit is hard to capture in a well-intended gift or simple verse. It isn't to be found in things you can touch and hold. Rather, the spirit of the loving touch is in the tie that binds. It is hard to define but impossible to miss. The loving touch that lasts, the kind that keeps saying, "I love you," is filled with added value that lasts far beyond the moment. What are these extras that make the loving touch linger past the moment? The added value includes affection any time your beloved needs a…

Thank You For Sharing That With Me

Do you know about know-it-alls? Sure you do. The KIA’s are out there and driving us up the wall or at least it feels like they are, especially when our patience and sensitivity are running low. At those times, saying, “Thank you for sharing that with me,” seems like the last thing we want to say to them. Even so, it may be our best choice. Listen and decide whether you agree.

Gurus On Success – Audio TidBits Podcast

In this episode of the Leadership Shop Podcast, the Leadership Shop podcast team collaborates to bring you the best from world class success gurus. The ideas and strategies they share equally apply to leadership and how great leaders succeed. Listen and pick out those approaches that will best serve you along your leadership journey.

Let’s Make a Deal – Audio TidBits Podcast

Are you ready to make a deal? If so, being a good negotiator is a skill you will find useful when making deals with me and in many other situations. Negotiation skills facilitate your being more effectively assertive, being a better problem solver, and being a better conflict manager. Developing the skills is sometimes tedious and requires a lot of practice. The payoff is both substantial and positive, though.   In this episode of the Leadership Shop Podcast, you learn about the preliminary skills you must have to negotiate effectively and successfully. Please listen and prepare for the fun and games.

Leaders Of Character – Audio TidBits Podcast

We all know that character is a quality well worth cultivating but how that interplays with leadership is somewhat less than obvious. In this podcast, James slices and dices the issue and makes it perfectly clear. If being a leader of character appeals to you, listen and learn how it's done.

Smart Trust

Covey, Stephen M. R., Greg Link, with Rebecca R. Merrill. Smart Trust: Creating Prosperity, Energy and Joy in a Low Trust World. New York: Free Press, 2012. … people innately know that the benefits of high-trust relationships, teams, and organizations are incomparably more productive and satisfying. This is how we each can become part of the renaissance of trust. … We can choose to believe in trust. … We can start with ourselves. … We can declare our intent and assume positive intent in others. … We can do what we say we're going to do. … We can lead out in extending Smart Trust to others.

Lining Up Your Butterflies – Audio TidBits Podcast

What do you know about butterflies? I'm sure you know some but you may not knowing about the value of lining up your butterflies. The podcast team is here for you. Please listen and you will soon have those pesky butterflies lined up and flying in formation.

Let The Pilot Fly The Plane, Please

None but a certifiable power junky would go with his own ideas and skills when someone more competent is readily available. Nonetheless, power junkies are more prevalent than you might think. You can find them mostly in the middle ranks but rarely at the top. Leaders do not get there by ignoring or overlooking expertise in others and especially not in people whose knowledge, skills, and resources can increase their chances for success. Skilled leaders take full advantage of whatever may give them the winning edge. a proactive leader's reason for deferring to the expertise of others goes a little farther though. He truly values differing styles and opinions. Each person on the team has know-how, skills, and resources unlike those of anyone else. They all have their special areas of expertise. They also have their individual approaches, ways of thinking, and perspectives. This gives fullness and flavor to the team. Not to take advantage of this richness would be like ignoring the pilot when she suggests that you let her fly the plain this time. … . . . . . You already know a proactive leader has an organized mind and an uncanny ability to see problems before they are problems, opportunities before anyone else knows an opportunity is at hand. There is a value-added benefit of having a proactive leader that you may not know about though. a proactive leader deals with problems and issues as soon as he becomes aware of them. It is part of his do today's business today approach to everything. It also makes it easier for him to have an organized mind. The less there is to keep track of, the easier it is to keep it organized. You know about how hectic things are the day after vacation. Stuff has not…

Speaking Thinking and That Little Voice

When speaking, what we say matters, how we say it matters and who we say it to matters as well. When we think, what we think matters and how we get in touch with our thought process matters. It is easy to just go on automatic but our success depends on doing better than automatic. Let's spend a few minutes considering what it means when we do better than automatic.

The Great Mouse Hunt Returns to the City

The Great Mouse Hunt has shifted to a rainy day in the city. The hunters hunt, The Great Mouse avoids capture, the city continues as cities do. Be sure not to miss the last two minutes or so. It tends to defy description.