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Life’s Little Lessons Vol. 1 – Audio TidBits Podcast

Thank you for choosing to go skidooing with us. We all have learned many of life's little lessons and certainly have found some of them more helpful than others. Daniel has developed a series of skidooing episodes that he thinks represent priority lessons. Those are lessons we should all take to heart. Please listen to this episode and consider whether you agree with Daniel.

The Great Mouse Hunt – Day Two

I hope you enjoyed your adventure on the first day of The Great Mouse Hunt. You are about to learn that the first day was merely a warm-up for the real hunt. The first day was a teaser for hunting hobbyists but the second day of The Great Mouse Hunt is restricted to serious hunters. Only if you are prepared for the real deal should you click play and join the hunt. Please know that you have been warned. Proceed at your own risk.

True Enough?

"The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple." -- Oscar Wilde Suppose Wilde is right, pure and simple. It follows that his proposition is likely not pure and definitely not simple. Truth has many forms and many faces, some of which are persisting and some of which are temporary, some of which are obvious and some of which are subtle, some of which are certain and some of which only might be true, are probably true, or are (as the physicists like to say) "approximately true." Most of the time, one can comfortably deal with the world without thinking about the nature of truth or about the actual validity of most truths. It works out fine to proceed on a "true enough" basis. Ice is cold and fire is hot. Your car is still where you parked it. The directions you get from MapQuest.com will get you where you want to go. Eat too much and you will get fat. If you need help, you can count on your best friend. The important quandary usually isn't about truth or whether true enough is good enough. Rather, it's who can you believe; who speaks the truth? To answer the, "Who can you believe?" question, it's necessary to introduce "integrity" into the mix. The question is, "Who are people of integrity?" because they are the only people you can or should trust. Samuel Johnson said, "Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful." The take home point is to be sure you only seek truth from people who are clearly knowledgeable, people who know what they are talking about. For example, don't get legal advice from your brother-in-law, unless he happens to be an experienced attorney. Perhaps more critical than from whom…

Luck, Promotions And Success

The mature man accepts the natural limitations of life. he does not expect Providence to be prejudiced in his favor. he does not ask for loaded dice to play the game of life. He knows, with Carlyle, that there is no sense in vilifying the sun because it will not light our cigars. Will Durant Sure, some lucky ducks were born with silver spoons in their mouths. and in life's great poker game, some people get better cards than others. It's enough to make you just sit down and cry. The old law-of-averages certainly doesn't apply to you. If luck were really a lady, the world would be a fairer place. Even if it weren't, at least you would get better cards. Maybe your luck will turn. but then again, maybe not. In the meantime, you will need to simply go with the cards you are dealt. Okay, you get it. but it's still a roll of the dice and you can't do much about that fact of life. but, maybe you can. A friend tells this story. It was bright-and-early one morning when Grandpa found an exceptionally fine sea shell on the beach. I flippantly commented, ‘That was just dumb luck, your finding that shell.' He smiled and replied, ‘Yes, it was dumb luck for a guy who was already on the beach and looking before 6.30.' Sure, luck and maybe even dumb luck at times play a big part in a lot of things. Things happen and you can't control everything. but you can make a point to be on the beach before 6.30 and can make the extra effort it takes to improve the odds for your success. The old-timers call this smart luck. Thomas Jefferson also supported personal responsibility as an important key to good luck.…

The Conversation – Audio TidBits Podcast

Sally and Tyler are relaxing on the patio at a restaurant near their office. This is Tyler’s first day working with Sally and they are taking some time just to get to know each other. Sally has an ice breaker for their conversation. Please listen in to see how they get their working relationship off to a comfortable start.

Tariff or Tax

The air is thick with tariffs, or is it? We hear about more and more tariffs and tougher and tougher negotiations. But is that the truth of it, the bottom line? I think not. I suspect the truer story is more and more taxes on each of us. That's the real negotiating strategy. Press play and come to your own conclusion.

HTM 159 – Do You Have A Point? – How To Matter – Audio TidBits Podcast

The How To Matter podcast team is having a rambling chat ranging from frustration to whatever comes next. Like most casual discussions, the topic shifts with no particular theme. Let’s listen in to see how well we do following the conversation.

Resolutions? – Audio TidBits Podcast

Not one in a hundred of us will make it through January 1st without at least one resolution for the new year, and more likely two or three. We will resolve to do better, be better, live better, and maybe even lose a little weight. It will be the first day of our personal self-improvement project. On January 1st in 2019, we will look back and amaze ourselves with how well our personal self-improvement plan was implemented, by us of course. Let’s give ourselves a pat on the back for how well we did in 2018. It is spectacular. This does raise a relevant question though. Why are those things we are resolving to do still on our to do list? Why haven’t they already been moved to our already done list? What have we been waiting on? …

Random Wisdom

This episode of Audio Tidbits is no more nor no less than you might expect from an episode called Random Wisdom. If you are already wise enough, feel free to skip the episode. But if you can always use a little random wisdom, press play and enjoy.

Prompts04: I’m My Own

Here I am back with the latest prompt from the Prompts app on my iPhone. I’m getting a late start since the college football game had a lightening delay of over an hour. Since the Buckeyes won 77 to 31, who cares about a little delay? Not me. Today’s prompt is, “I am my own….” That certainly opens us up to a world of possibilities. There I go again, speaking for us instead of just speaking for me. As they say, “Old habits are hard to break.” Let me take another pass at that. That opens it up to a world of possibilities for me. How about for you? Will you take a crack at today’s prompt? “I am my own….” How do you finish the sentence? … I think I’m probably putting off getting down to the business of responding to today’s prompt myself. That may well be another one of those old habits that are hard to break. I seem to have a lot of them. I am my own toughest critic. I appreciate my successes and acknowledge my controbutions when things work out as I hoped they would. Even so, I tend to pick at things whether they turn out well or not so well. The main variable tends to only be how harshly I pick. I figure that picking at the pieces that are not quite up to my expectation helps improve the odds of not screwing something up in the future. I think of this as continuous improvement. That all sounds good but it does have its down side. It means that I miss out on some of the pleasure of succeeding, the sense of satisfaction that comes from doing something well. It also makes me a little obsessive and driven. That’s not such a…

A Committed Relationship?

Do you see a committed relationship in your future or perhaps a renewed commitment to an ongoing relationship? If so, you may do well to listen and consider if you are actually ready to commit.

Alien Respite – Aliens Amongst Us

Hey folks, Intercept1 has intercepted what he thinks is a direct signal from the home planet of the aliens amongst us. Unless he misses his guess, at least some of the aliens amongst us have returned to their home planet for some rest and relaxation. It sounds to Intercept1 like they are conversing about their experiences on Earth and speculating about the future of us humans on Earth and how that bodes for the success of their Earth incursion. Intercept1 hopes you listen and come to your own conclusion. Here is the intercepted transmission.

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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