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Does Your Lover Skidoo?

Here is a tool you can use when you find yourself wondering whether that special person you are hanging around with is all that special. You know you are taking The High Road; but sometimes it's tough telling if your lover is actually on The High Road with you or just going along for the ride. If that little voice inside you is chattering away and you think it may be telling you something important, here is how to rate your lover as a High Road traveler.

Think about each statement below and how true it is for your lover, every time, in every way. If it's true most all the time, put a "3" beside the statement. If it's usually true but sometimes isn't, put a "2" beside the statement. If it's sometimes true but usually isn't, put a "1" beside the statement. If it's seldom to never true, put a "0" beside the statement. When you are finished, I will tell you how to rate your lover.

3 = Most always

2 = Usually

1 = Sometimes

0 = Seldom to never

My lover;

___ Is consistent and predictable.

___ Is fun to be around.

___ Is someone I'm strongly attracted to.

___ Gives our relationship his/her best shot.

___ Shows good self-discipline.