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Who Do You Respect? – Audio TidBits Podcast


I have heard people say that they have no respect for this person or that individual. I think this generally means that they disapprove of the person’s beliefs, behavior, or some other aspect of who they are or how they behave. Fair enough. For most of us, there are some people we do not want to associate with and who we deplore.


Consider this though. If we were to interact with those people, how would we conduct ourselves? Would we behave disrespectfully? Would we behave in a way that conveys our contempt? Perhaps we would but more likely we would try to avoid the individuals or should that not be possible, we would try to restrain our urge to be overtly disrespectful.


Most of us have few occasions to interact with people we truly disrespect but do frequently interact with people who we can easily disrespect without any conscious intent to do so. We are simply dismissive with them and make no effort to offer them the respect they hope for and likely deserve. Although we may give no thought to it, they know we do not value them and they thus feel (quite validly) disrespected.


In this episode of the Audio Tidbits Podcast, I focus on this tendency in all of us and suggest an alternative approach to everyone and to all of our interactions with others. I suspect you will find yourself thinking about at least one person you know who has this respectfulness with others thing down pat. They are one of those people for whom respectfulness is their middle name, as they say. How do they do it? Please listen to see if the episode offers an important clue.