Aliens, North Korea, Obamacare, Hurricanes and Football – Audio TidBits Podcast

The Aliens Amongst Us are using the AAU feed for their own purposes. They want to be sure that all humans are subscribing to the Aliens Amongst Us feed and know they can subscribe directly from their podcatcher or on Apple Podcast (iTunes) or Google Play. They don’t mention that anyone can also subscribe on […]

Which TATOR Are You? (Playing Office Games) – Audio TidBits Podcast

It is easy to start analyzing ourselves and others in our groups and organizations and to take what happens personally. A better way to look at what goes on is to understand that people grow into certain roles or styles and are usually just being whomever they are out of habit or just because that […]

Aliens Are Passing As Humans – Aliens Amongst Us

The Aliens Amongst Us are coming out of the shadows. What’s more, they have high jacked the Aliens Amongst Us audio feed just as they told us they were going to do. Intercept1 is part of the conversation but clearly did not initiate this episode on our feed. It’s obvious that we have lost any […]

Making The Cut – Audio TidBits Podcast

Do you recall when you were young and the leaders among you picked and chose when choosing sides in a game? Some kids were chosen first and a few were usually last to be chosen. If the number of players on each team was limited, some children didn’t make the cut at all. Things have […]

Aliens Are Monitoring Twitter – Aliens Amongst Us

Hey folks, the Aliens Amongst Us are once more reporting back to their home planet. In this transmission they are giving primary attention to the recent tweets of their leader in the capital city. Listen in to hear what they are finding most interesting. DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts […]

The Secret Success Sauce – Audio TidBits Podcast

Have you wondered why some people succeed while others do not, why some people make success look easy and others struggle? It’s the secret sauce. Please listen to see if you have the secret sauce it takes to succeed. DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | […]

Aliens Are Listening – Aliens Amongst Us

Hey folks, The situation with the Aliens Amongst Us just keeps getting stranger and stranger. I am starting to think that the Aliens Amongst Us are monitoring all of our communications and even casual interactions among us. I have just intercepted a transmission from the Aliens Amongst Us back to their home planet. In this […]

Aliens In The Wild – Aliens Amongst Us

Intercept1 has a quick alien hit for you. He was just out and about, relaxing at his favorite watering spot and was ever alert as he always advises us to be. The conversation at the next table was a slight bit shocking. He thinks he has detected the Aliens Amongst Us in the wild, so […]

The Aliens Are Amongst Us And Making Plans – Audio TidBits Podcast

Hey folks, there has been an alarming development. The Aliens Amongst Us have tipped to what I have been up to. They have detected that I have been intercepting their transmissions and what’s even more alarming, they have figured out that I have been sending them out to you on the feed. Even worse, […]

3 Steps To Better Outcomes – Audio TidBits Podcast

There is a fairly simple principle that most of us know but frequently don’t follow. When we are not getting to where we were headed, continuing in the same direction probably won’t get us there. If how we have been trying to succeed is not leading to success, doubling down on the same strategy likely […]