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Prejudice & Politics – Audio TidBits Podcast


The Aliens Amongst Us are reporting back to their home planet and Intercept1 has intercepted their transmission. He continues to do all he can to capture as much of their communication as possible. His goal is to share it with you so you know about their presence amongst us and are as informed as you can be about their activities and motivations.


Intercept1 is doing all he can do to capture clear audio but the quality of the transmissions are still being intentionally distorted by the aliens. You will need to listen carefully and may need to go back to listen more carefully to be sure you don’t miss anything important.


In this transmission, the Aliens Amongst Us are somewhat confused about the current newsworthiness of statues and history along with the political attention being given to the events in Virginia. They report that their leader in the capital city continues to seem confused, with the goal of distracting other Americans about what his real agenda is. Please listen and see if you can sort out the issues and positions.