The Ideal Home for the Perfect Employee the last episode of the Audio Tidbits Podcast, focus was on the perfect employee, on those who aspire to be perfect employees and on employers who hope to hire the perfect employee. In this episode, the discussion is expanded to consider the ideal home for the perfect employee. Please consider an organization that aspires […]

The Perfect Employee you aspire to be the perfect employee? Perhaps you want to find and hire the perfect employee. Either way, this guide to recognizing the perfect employee is one you may find to be essential to your success. Please consider the guide carefully. As you will see, the perfect employee is rare. The best most […]

When Management Style Is Not Your Choice much do you think management style matters for the success of the company, the manager and the employee? If it doesn’t matter, then it doesn’t matter; but if it does matter, then it matters a lot. What’s more, it matters a lot just who decides what the management style is. Who decides? All three […]

Hammers, Nails And Outcomes this is a hammer, then that has to be a nail. Sure, it’s just a twist on that old saying you already know quite well. Unfortunately, it’s generally truer than not. Although I discuss the notion in a management context, it applies most any time there is a job to do or a new […]

Fake Delegation you know the difference between real and fake delegation? Have you ever been told that a job or other responsibility was being delegated to you only to learn that the person doing the delegating was looking over your shoulder, second guessing you and criticizing what you were doing and how you were doing it? […]

When Experts Aren’t dependent are you on experts? If you are tempted to respond, “Not much,” you may want to reconsider. Do you have a doctor, an accountant, a vet for your pet, a lawyer, an expert who works on your car, a plumber, and on and on? The better question is just how many experts are […]

What priorities govern agency Management? to the guiding principles is essential for achieving agency excellence. The Management Team is responsible for agency Management, i.e., for assuring the successful functioning of the internal eco system. Members of the Team implement the policies, rules, and guidelines promulgated by Authorizers and Implementers as well as manage the day-to-day functioning of the agency. […]

Feedback Can Be Dangerous people clear, frequent, and accurate feedback. This unusually complex strategy starts with being as quick to tell people what they have done right as you are to tell them what they have done wrong. That does not sound difficult, does it? What if the order is reversed though? Be as quick to tell people […]

Ecological Human Services Management: Internal Transactions following Internal Transactions activity is adapted from Leadership In Child Protection; Schneider, Crow, & Burtnett, 2000, page 56-57 and is one you may want to add to your management tools when working with employees and especially when working with Leadership Team members. It is a quick way of assessing the quality of employees’ interactions […]

Delegate Often And Well is, for a proactive leader, a critical key to his success. He knows leadership superstars have elevated effective delegation to an art form. In fact, success with delegation is the single most important factor separating leaders who achieve their mission-specific goals from those who do not. Try this. Design a one legged stool. One […]