The Great Mouse Surprised In The Jungle my friend. I had not expected to be back so soon, but our intrepid hunters just happened across the Great Mouse as they were in the midst of a routine training mission in a remote jungle venue. It was just good luck that they were armed and ready for the unexpected confrontation. I think […]

The Great Mouse Hunt Renews Welcome back to the latest episode in the quest for the Great Mouse. Our intrepid hunters have not spotted the Great Mouse for a while but have again detected her here in the heart of the city. Since their last encounter, the hunters have upgraded their weapons and moved on to the next generation […]

The Great Mouse Hunt Is On Again! back audio tidbits podcast listeners. Tessa has tried to resist the temptation to torment our intrepid hunters but has finally given in. It is just too much fun for her. They think they are back in the jungle and the Great Mouse hunt is on again. Please join Tessa and the hunters.

Aliens, The Great Mouse and the Big Reveal Aliens Amongst Us are enjoying a relaxing train ride when the Great Mouse and the intrepid hunters interrupt their trip. Were that not unexpected enough, the Big Reveal is even more shocking. It’s not news to miss.

The Great Mouse Escapes to the Airport – Audio TidBits Podcast Great Mouse has again been spotted in the city near the airport. Our intrepid hunters zero in on the Great Mouse, hoping this will be the time they prevail. The Great Mouse ducks into the parking garage and on into the terminal. The chase is on, with the hunters taking full advantage of their […]

The Great Mouse Is Trapped In The New York Subway intrepid hunters have pursued the Great Mouse to the depths of New York’s subway system. The Great Mouse continues to confound them and the members of New York’s elite terrorist team even with the addition of their amazing laser fire power. The Great Mouse can shift and suddenly appear and disappear as the hunters […]

Even The Great Mouse Needs a Rest Now & Then intrepid hunters have tracked the Great Mouse to this peaceful setting where they find the Great Mouse and its companion having a well-deserved rest. The hunters are surprised but can certainly relate to the need for rest. The presence of the companion should have been expected but nonetheless catches the hunters a little off […]

The Great Mouse Appears to be trapped in the Desert intrepid hunters have tracked the Great Mouse to a remote desert somewhere on the Earth planet where it appears that the Great Mouse may have finally faltered. Will the Great Mouse once more escape or is this the end of the Great Mouse’s world? Join me to learn the fate of the Great Mouse.

The Great Mouse Hunt Returns to the City Great Mouse Hunt has shifted to a rainy day in the city. The hunters hunt, The Great Mouse avoids capture, the city continues as cities do. Be sure not to miss the last two minutes or so. It tends to defy description.