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Be Value Compatible … with a twist


They say that opposites attract. They are also the people who say that there is no accounting for taste. Who knows? That may be the same bunch that observed that if you spend enough time with most anyone, you will figure out some way to get along. Whatever the attraction, “values” are at the heart of it. For you and your significant other, there is something that keeps each of you in the relationship. Whatever it is, that is the attraction, what you value.

Although these points of attraction certainly represent values, They are not the value compatibility I am talking about. I am referring to those old fashioned values that preachers and politicians are so fond of discussing. What is right and what is wrong? What is good and what is evil? What do ethical people condone and what do they abhor? My simple point is that value compatibility is important and value incompatibility forecasts serious problems for anyone in a serious relationship. …