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American Greatness — y or n


Thanks for joining me.

We hear presidential candidates talking about the greatness of America. They seem to reflect a range of beliefs from America is great to America used to be great but is not great anymore; they will make America great to they will make America great again.

I thought it might be interesting to ask ourselves what action we think might lead to a great America or to sustaining America’s greatness. To that end, I have collected seven reasons to believe America is as great or greater than it ever was and seven reasons to believe that America is not great and in need of action to make it great.

There are thus fourteen aspects of American life that need attention. Of course there are others but Let’s limit ourselves to these fourteen for purposes of this exercise. For each of the fourteen, answer two questions.

First, what needs to happen to keep the element great; or if it is currently deficient, what needs to happen to make the element great?

Second, what action will the President have to take to sustain the elements greatness; or if the element is currently deficient, what will the President need to do to assure that the element becomes great?

Let’s keep America great or make it great again, depending on perspective.

Here are seven reasons people often give for believing that America is as great as it ever was:

Innovation and Technology: Many point to America’s history of technological advancements and innovation as evidence of its continued greatness.

(Note) Be sure to answer the two questions for this element before moving on.

Cultural Diversity: The nation’s rich cultural diversity and the opportunities it provides for different perspectives and experiences.

Economic Prosperity: Highlighting the country’s strong economy, job opportunities, and entrepreneurial spirit as indicators of its greatness.

Freedom and Democracy: Emphasizing the values of freedom, democracy, and the protection of individual rights that are seen as integral to America’s greatness.

Global Leadership: The role that the U.S. plays in international affairs, including its military strength and diplomatic influence.

Higher Education: The presence of world-renowned universities and research institutions that contribute to global knowledge and innovation.

Social Progress: Noting advancements in civil rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and other areas as signs of America’s ongoing progress.

Here are seven reasons people often give for believing that America is not as great as it used to be:

Economic Inequality: Many argue that increasing income inequality has led to a decline in the overall well-being of the population.

(Note) Be sure to answer the two questions for this element before moving on.

Political Divisiveness: Concerns about heightened political polarization and inability to find common ground on important issues.

Healthcare System: Criticisms about the complexity and cost of healthcare, leaving some citizens without adequate access to medical services.

Infrastructure: Aging infrastructure, like roads and bridges, is seen as a sign of neglect in some areas.

Education System: Worries about the quality of education and access to affordable, high-quality schooling for all.

Gun Violence: Concerns about the prevalence of gun violence and perceived lack of effective gun control measures.

Climate Change: The perceived insufficient response to environmental issues, including climate change and pollution.