The Success Train

Have you ever taken a trip on the success train? If not, you are in for a real treat. If you have made the journey with Tom and his friends before, you will discover that a second trip on the success train is even better than your first. Press play, climb aboard and enjoy the […]

Leadership at Your Fingertips

Jacobsen, Ian. Leadership at Your Fingertips: Proven Ways to Handle Your Challenges. Los Altos: Westchester Publishing Company, 2003. When you hire, you hire a whole person. It is naive to assume that people leave the rest of their life on the doorstep as they come to work. Organizations need to be prepared to help employees […]

Crisis Intervention: A Social Interaction Approach (5)

Chapter 5 – The Intervention Set At this point, we have combined an understanding of the crisis state with an insight into people in crisis. We have learned how to assess a crisis, including ideas about its possible causes and effects. We know how to involve the individual in the process of understanding what is […]

Dr. Pepper’s First Principle

You may know about Dr. Pepper but likely do not know about Dr. Pepper’s First Principle. If you are open to a tip about life and living in the real world. Dr. Pepper’s First Principle is one you will not want to miss. Press play and learn. DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email […]

Love and Power

I came across an audio essay of sorts focusing on Love and Power. I have included it here but need to let you know that the audio quality is less than optimal. It sounds like I may have been talking in a tube. It’s not terrible but not great either. If you are willing to […]

A Tutorial On Anger

You might suppose that losing your temper is something you shouldn’t do but really can’t help. It’s just one of those things. How wrong you would be. Since you are a person who values doing whatever you do with style, on purpose, every time, losing your temper would be a totally no class thing to […]

Hogfare! Really?

Do you know about Hogfare? That’s welfare of sorts for hogs and those who spend their time raising hogs. It’s a generic kind of welfare program that includes other crops and farmers but is nonetheless free money. Please hit play and hear my personal point of view on Hogfare. DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android […]

Crisis Intervention: A Social Interaction Approach (4)

Chapter 4 – The Assessment Set Crises are not always what they seem to be. For example, Michelle is in what might be considered a suicidal crisis, that is, she might kill herself if something is not done. To the casual observer, it may seem that the “possible suicide” is the crisis. Of course, Michelle’s […]

Curiosity, Fake News, Snake Oil

For this episode of Audio Tidbits Podcast, I have nothing for the blog readers. The whole nine yards goes to the podcast listeners. Be patient if you are mainly a blog reader. Curiosity, fake news, snake oil may return, are likely to return; but just not this time. But if you are a podcast listener, […]

The Leader Quiz

Are you a leader or striving to become a leader? If so, it is important to identify your leadership style and to be aware of why you prefer a particular style. As becomes clear, there are alternative and distinct styles and each has its strengths and limitations. The better you understand your style, the more […]