Monday Morning Motivation

Cottrell, David. Monday Morning Motivation: Five Steps to Energize your Team, Customers, and Profits. New York: Harper Business, 2009. The single greatest influence on your organization’s energy is the leader…you are the ultimate energizer. The energy you create can be positive or negative, and that energy is multiplied in the organization because of your impact […]

Change Is Not A Choice

A man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional, and are the portals of discovery. James Joyce This certainly puts a different twist on the concept. The only requirement is that one is A man of genius. If so, you don’t make mistakes, you merely commit errors, on purpose. Try that one the […]

The Bottom Line x 3

“The superior man understands what is right, the inferior man understands what will sell.” You may, at first glance, assume this characterization was made by a hard-hitting, modern business executive, but it wasn’t. It came from our old friend Confucius, again dividing us into superior and inferior people. John Egan pointed out, “The absolute fundamental […]

Appreciative Inquiry

Cooperrider, David L. and Diana Whitney. Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Revolution in Change. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Incorporated, 2005. … Cooperrider, David L., Diana Whitney, Jacqueline M. Stavros, with Foreword by Ronald Fry. Appreciative Inquiry: Handbook for Leaders of Change. Second Edition. Brunswick, OH: Crown Custom Publishing, Incorporated, 2008. Companies all too often call for […]

Who Wants To Play?

How do you help your children develop a growing sense of independence and autonomy by the age of seven? How do you deal with the increasing independence of your adolescent? The process begins as your toddler learns about play and social activities. However, your child is not able to play unless he knows how to […]

The Other 90%

Cooper, Robert K. The Other 90%: How to Unlock Your Vast Untapped Potential for Leadership and Life. New York: Three Rivers Press, 2001. Although studies indicate that people who regularly think ahead tend to experience more frequent leadership opportunities and career advancement, this mechanism is about something deeper than the external trappings of success. It […]

Come Play With Me?

•           I am a perfectionist •           Either it is right or it is wrong •           Rules are rules These types of phrases frequently come up when you try to manage warriors. Interestingly, players who use this technique are likely to make their pronouncements when others are around and will overhear. When focusing their play on […]

Pause to Consider: Leadership and Ethics

You are a member of your agency’s Leadership Team. Consider these brief scenarios and how you would handle them? You are a program manager with a neighborhood center providing a variety of services for neighborhood residents. Jerry is an adolescent client who was expelled from your after school tutoring program due to an incident where […]

The Talent Masters

Conaty, Bill and Ram Charan. The Talent Masters: Why Smart Leaders Put People Before Numbers. New York: Crown Business, 2010. Any time two or more people work together there’s a social process in which they exchange information and ideas, exercise power, and express their values through what they say and do. Coaching and feedback are […]

3 Tips For Proactive Leaders

Get the resources needed to get the job done. A leader’s job is to facilitate the team’s success. Being sure available resources are sufficient for success is, in turn, the leaders responsibility. There may be others on the team who have tasks and assignments related to resource development, but if the resources are not there […]