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Your Intuitive Self


Intuition is an elusive phenomenon. We know it exists but find it difficult to describe or explain. We experience insight, recognition, or understanding; we know what to do or not do; we can predict outcomes and avoid dangers. But how do we know? Where did the knowledge come from? Why do we now know what we didn’t know just moments ago?

That is the “Now I see,” dimension of intuition but there is more. The new insight or understanding does not appear to derive from careful analysis, thoughtful contemplation, or logical deduction. Those processes are important and thoroughly embraced but intuition is of a different order of things. We know, suddenly it seems, what we didn’t know and aren’t sure how or why. We just know.

It is tempting to attribute the product of intuition to latent psychic ability, to an untapped sixth sense, or to offer other metaphysical etiologies. Doing so makes intuition at least mysterious and perhaps close to magical. When moved into that arena, intuition becomes an ability or “power” that defies analysis. The goal is more to enhance or increase than to understand. …