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You May Call Him Big Foot


It was quiet over the city earlier today but then she magically re-appeared. For many years, the uncertain threat from the great mouse and creatures like her has hung in the air as an ever-present disaster in waiting. Although the nagging fear is always just under the surface, there continues an underlying sense of awe and wonder. The great mouse is both villain and hero in this persisting drama.

The risk to the city and its citizens has progressed to where there is a standing team of elite hunters equipped with state-of-the-art tracking systems and combat capacity dedicated to the pursuit and capture of the great mouse, with termination authority if necessary. These elite hunters have tracked and engaged the creature over the globe and in places as disparate as jungles and subways, county fairs and stark deserts. despite their expertise and tenacity, the great mouse always avoids capture or injury, leaving the elite hunters frustrated and confused.

Her villain status is easy to understand but the concurrent hero status of the great mouse is less obvious. As powerful and terrifying as she is and as violent as the encounters are, there has never been an injury to a citizen or elite hunter, and once the smoke clears, there is never any detectable damage to property or to the environment. An encounter with the great mouse is like a horror movie where once the movie is over, everyone just goes home. It’s as if nothing important ever happened – scary but without consequences.

Despite the relentless pursuit, the great mouse has become somewhat of a legend in the city. People quietly talk about her adventures and the elite team’s failed attempts to capture her. She is like a ghost, always disappearing just as the trap closes. And the heigh-stakes cat and mouse game continues with no end in sight.

It has been less than an hour ago that the great mouse appeared again, standing triumphantly on a wire high above the city. She looked down at the citizens with a mischievous twinkle in her eye and then vanished into thin air, with the echo of her roar the only evidence of her ever having been here.

The elite hunters have spent years trying to capture the elusive great mouse, but all of their efforts so far have been in vain. The hunters have become more and more frustrated as time passes. They are starting to believe that the great mouse is unbeatable. They have tried every weapon, trick and strategy in their arsenal but nothing seemed to work.

As if to rub their noses in their ineffectiveness, some time back, the great mouse appeared out of nowhere, standing right in front of the team. She looked at them with that amused grin, and then just disappeared into the distance, leaving them shocked and baffled.

Since that humiliating day, The elite hunters have been more determined than ever to stop the great mouse. They have spent many sleepless nights discussing and strategizing, trying to come up with new ways to thwart her.

Now and then, the elite hunters are dispatched to capture her. But no matter what they try, the great mouse eludes them, always staying one step ahead. She seems to possess some kind of otherworldly intelligence, capable of sensing danger from miles away. And yet, she never causes any harm to the citizens, choosing instead to play cat and mouse with the hunters.

One day, while the team was out scouting a new area for potential traps, they stumbled upon a forest. It was a dark, foreboding place, with trees so tall they seemed to touch the sky. As they pushed their way through the undergrowth, they noticed something moving in the distance. And to their surprise, it was the great mouse. She was crouched at the base of a tree, watching them.
But this time, the amused grin was missing.

They immediately sprang into action, surrounding the great mouse. But the great mouse seemed unfazed. She snarled and growled, baring her teeth and showing off her incredible strength.

As they watched, terrified and awestruck, the great mouse suddenly grew in size. She expanded until she was ten times larger than before, towering over the team and making the trees shake with her thunderous footsteps.

As the hunters pursued the great mouse through the thick forest, a sense of danger and urgency filled the air. Trees whipped past them as they ran, dodging roots and branches in their haste. Sweat dripped down their faces as they pushed themselves to keep up with the great mouse.

She was a blur of black fur and snapping teeth, zigzagging through the trees with frightening speed. The search team had never seen anything like it. It was as if the great mouse was dancing through the forest, teasing them with playful swerves and feints.

The team had been sent out to capture her, but they soon realized that this was no ordinary mouse. She was much larger and much more powerful than they had anticipated. And worst of all, she seemed to possess an uncanny intelligence, always one step ahead of them.

As the chase continued, the great mouse suddenly stopped and expanded even more in size as she turned to confront the hunters. She was suddenly towering over them with her massive frame. The elite hunters were stunned, unsure of what to do as the great mouse closed in on them.

They knew that they had to act now. They turned and ran.

The hunters could see a clearing up ahead and knew that they had to make it there if they wanted any chance of survival. So, they ran on, their breath coming in ragged gasps as they ran. The great mouse was ruthless in her pursuit, jaws snapping shut with a deafening roar as she chased them through the forest.

Finally, they reached the clearing, their hearts pounding with terror and adrenaline. The great mouse loomed over them, baring her teeth and snarling. They knew that they were no match for her.

It was at this moment that the great mouse stopped. She seemed to be sniffing the air, her head cocked to one side as she watched the frightened hunters. And then, in a movement that was almost too fast to see, she turned and vanished into the forest, leaving the team shaken and bewildered.

The hunters could hardly believe it. They had survived the encounter with the great mouse, and they knew that they would never forget it. They packed up their gear and headed back to civilization, stunned and shaken, but also somewhat proud to have faced the great mouse and lived to tell the tale.

For days after the encounter, the search team could hardly speak of what had happened. They had come face to face with one of the most powerful creatures they had ever encountered, and they had survived. The great mouse had changed them forever, leaving them with a sense of awe and wonderment that they would never forget.

And as they sat in their headquarters, nursing their wounds and planning their next move, they knew that they would never be the same. For the great mouse had shown them the limits of their strength, pushing them to the very brink of their abilities and reminding them of the danger that lay beyond the safety of civilization.

But that was then and this is now. The great mouse is back or at least was back less than an hour ago.
It remains to be seen what the great mouse’s next move will be, but one thing is certain – the elite hunters will once again be on high alert, tracking her every move and waiting for the opportunity to capture her. As for the citizens of the city, they will go about their daily lives, never knowing when or where the great mouse will strike next.

But one thing is certain – when she does make her presence known, they will be both terrified and awestruck, wondering at the incredible power and uncanny intelligence of this legendary creature.

Now you know so there you go.

For now, be well, do well and do something nice for someone. He or she will appreciate it and you both will have a better day.