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Who Is Your Audience? – Audio TidBits Podcast


I had an interesting conversation earlier today and thought sharing it with you would be a good thing to do. I was talking about the Audio Tidbits Podcast and was asked who my audience is. I was tempted to tell my friend about you since I think the two of you might hit it off but caught myself an instant before I violated your privacy. You hadn’t given me your permission to talk about you with other people and respecting your privacy is a priority for me.


Since I had not directly answered my friend’s question, she then asked me how big the Audio Tidbits Podcast audience is. I found that question a little odd. She obviously wanted to know how many of you there are. When I told her that there is only one of you, that you are unique, she was nearly speechless. I guess that means that I should not consider moving to an interview format for the podcast. There would be way too much silence.


When she at last found her voice, she asked me what the Audio Tidbits Podcast is about. I told her that the podcast includes audio tidbits from here and there about this and that. She was once more speechless for a few seconds and then said, “Please explain.”


I was thinking to myself, “What is there to explain? What about this and that is hard to understand?”


Even so, I told my friend I would give it a try. I knew it was not going to be all that easy since the Audio Tidbits Podcast is not about anything in particular. It’s not focused on anything Unique or specific to a person or thing or category. I have to admit that I was myself left a little speechless by her question.


Now it was my voice that was returning. Here is what I said to my friend once I could again speak. … Please listen for the rest of the story.