Down the Rabbit Hole clever is it to start a story with “Once upon a time?” I doubt if that opening would ever be confused with cleverness. Even so, it may be as good as anything else if I have no interest in being clever. Some people can pull off being clever but I’m not among those (Dare […]

Too Smart to be That Dumb are many reasons why some of us succeed while others of us are only getting by. One of the more hidden reasons is directly related to how successful people – yes, all of them — communicate. They always have smart conversations. While others are having simple conversations, the successful are doing smart, without anyone […]

Thirty Paths to Success the thirty tips from James are actually paths to success is an open question. Even so, they are thirty tips that help us come closer to that success we want. I think James has actually discovered thirty ways of making the same point, and that point is well worth five minutes to be sure […]

A Quick Tidbit – Low Hanging Fruit most any project or task, there are several elements, some of which are easy and go well and others that are difficult and are not going so well. How to approach all of this is sometimes a challenge. This tidbit includes two suggestions you will likely find helpful as you take on projects at […]

Success is ACTION this episode of Audio Tidbits Podcast, my podcasting friends and I share a simple perspective on success. Success is ACTION but not all action is success. I think you will find the perspective of my friends interesting and very much on point.

Struggling To Succeed this episode of Audio Tidbits Podcast, I am struggling to succeed, along with many others who have a goal but who are spending more time thinking about success than time succeeding. Getting down to the business of success is much harder than it seems like it should be. Please join me to see how […]