Alien Voices

I think an alien voice is trying to contact us. Listen and see if you agree. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:08 — 4.9MB) | Embed

The Aliens Amongst Us Grock The Earth Humans

The title tells the tale. Our broadcast license agreement with the Aliens Amongst Us does not authorize any comment by us beyond what has been said. You will need to listen for yourself. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 19:05 — 17.5MB) | Embed

Aliens: The Clock Is Ticking

Greetings Earth Humans, We have again captured this broadcast source to bring an important message to you from the High Council back on our home planet. This message is for all Earth humans but we have been instructed to focus it particularly for the humans of the America Pod. The High Council is worried and […]

Alien Intercept: Health Care & Exchange Tokens – Audio TidBits Podcast

Rod has intercepted another transmission from the aliens among us. This time they are reporting to their home planet. The report includes info about their activities in the capital city including focus on health care and the distribution of exchange tokens. Rod will continue to update you whenever he is successful with intercepting their communications. […]

Intercepted Alien Communication – Audio TidBits Podcast

Rod returns to the Audio Tidbits Podcast with a shocking discovery. He has intercepted an alien communication that appears to validate his speculation about the aliens among us. This is a must listen if you care about the future of humans on Earth. I checked with Rod and he assures me that this is hardly […]