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Gets into trouble with the police or courts:

Any child might get into trouble once with the police or have to go to court. It might not be a sign of serious trouble. Your youngster learns and does not find himself back in the same fix. This sign only applies to children who get into trouble over and over again.

If your child is exhibiting this type of repetitively delinquent behavior, you can hope the court will do what it needs to do. He will get some of those logical and natural consequences. At least, this is what typically will happen unless you try to talk the court out of taking appropriate action. Avoid trying to intercede or lessen the judgement of the court. It is time for your young person to “face the music.”

At home, focus your care and attention on helping improve his self-esteem. You do this by working with him on his social skills and on the serious learning problems he likely has.

Your child, you, and the specialists you have identified work on the causes of his behavior and adjustment problems. The courts and community help him understand the logical and natural consequences of his unacceptable behavior.

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