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No, I Don’t Want to Play Today


Once Upon a Time

A charming café named “Tranquil Brews” welcomed patrons seeking comfort in solitude. At a corner table with a view of the cobblestone streets, Mia, Alex, and Riley gathered as they had for years. Their warm beverages offered not only comfort against the slight chill in the air, but also a sense of camaraderie among kindred spirits.

With a gentle sigh, Mia reluctantly spoke up, her voice a soft melody that blended with the café’s soothing ambiance. “You know, there are days when I wish we could have just one day to ourselves, without those extroverts barging into our peace.”

Alex nodded in agreement, his gaze drifting to the window as if to emphasize the point. “Exactly, a day where they’d just mind their own business and let us introverts thrive in our own solitude.”

Riley, ever the thoughtful one, leaned in closer, a contemplative expression on her face. “I’ve been pondering that too. What if we decided to declare our own day, a day of quiet where we can indulge in our own worlds without the constant intrusion?”

The idea hung in the air, tantalizingly close yet needing to be fully grasped. After a beat, Mia’s eyes lit up, her face illuminated by a soft smile. “Perhaps we could pick Monday? It’s the start of the week, and maybe people won’t mind too much.”

Alex leaned back in his chair, a hand resting beneath his chin as he pondered. “True, but Mondays can already be overwhelming. Maybe we should choose a day that falls somewhere in the middle. Not too close to the weekend’s chaos, but not too far either.”

“Tuesday,” Riley suggested, her eyes sparkling. “It’s like a blank slate, a day without expectations.”

Nods of agreement swept across the table, sealing their decision. Tuesday would be the Introverts’ Day, a sanctuary for quiet reflection and cherished personal space.

But as the excitement settled, a new challenge arose: who would champion the cause and announce this new introverts’ holiday to the world? A moment of awkward silence enveloped them, punctuated only by the occasional clink of a spoon against a teacup.

Riley shifted in her seat, her gaze flitting between her friends. “I’m not sure I’m up for making a grand announcement. It feels a bit too… extroverted for my taste.”

Mia and Alex exchanged understanding glances, their shared empathy bridging any unspoken thoughts. “What if we didn’t make a big announcement?” Mia suggested. “What if we simply started celebrating it ourselves, quietly?”

Riley’s eyes brightened, a hint of curiosity in her voice. “Okay, but how do we ensure that everyone respects our day? What if people don’t even realize it’s Introverts’ Day?”

With a mischievous grin, Alex leaned forward. “Well, here’s the ingenious part. If anyone dares to breach our solitude on Tuesday, we can just… ignore them.”

Mia chuckled softly, her amusement mirrored in Riley’s eyes. “And if ignoring doesn’t do the trick, we can delegate the responsibility to Winston.”

Laughter filled the air, the image of Winston, the kind-hearted barista who had become part of their daily routine, being the enforcer of quiet, proving too amusing to resist. “Poor Winston,” Riley chuckled, “but you know, it might just work. If we all commit to this, we might actually have our Introverts’ Day without too much fuss.”