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Jingle Bells Believer


Christmas is a magical time. WOW! A tree in the house, excitement everywhere and Santa is coming. Yes indeed, the jolly old elf himself.

When did we start to doubt? For most of us, it was about the time we got to kindergarten. A question here, an overheard comment there and our confidence began to crack. Even then, we might still believe were it not for the playground expert on everything. Know-it-all types always show up when we least need them. Perhaps you have noticed that yourself.

Few of us remember exactly when the crack in our faith became an empty place in our childhood where elves and reindeer used to play. Halloween’s ghosts and goblins, imaginary friends and The Easter Bunny were there too. The Tooth Fairy came in the night with nickels and, if we were very good, maybe a shiny quarter. We remember, like to recall the magic, if only for a little while.