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Ever Wish You Were A Philosopher?


When I was in high school, I thought it would be very cool to be a physicist. I don’t think I actually knew what physicists did but thought it probably had something to do with rockets. Although I don’t recall considering becoming a rocket scientist, I did think going to MIT would be a fine goal.

I pursued that idea until I discovered that I would actually have to move to Massachusetts if I chose to pursue that goal. Sure, I already knew that but the reality hadn’t sunk in yet. When it did, staying closer to home seemed like a much better plan.

To make a short story even shorter, I decided that Ohio University and I would be a much better fit.

Did I still want to be a physicist? Yes but only for about five minutes. I took a class in philosophy and was hooked. Not hooked like that would be my life work but hooked like this is a lot more fun than physics.

As is true for many if not most twenty-year-olds, life and living led me in other directions but the philosophy bug still had me.

Let me share a few points that I would have spent years pondering had I stuck with philosophy. The points are far from profound but do capture a bit of my personal philosophy. If you want, you can consider how they fit with your take on life and living.

OK, that’s enough of the preliminaries. Here are thirty or so things I think worth considering. They work for me and may well work for you. Just press play and away you go.