Aliens: The Clock Is Ticking

Greetings Earth Humans, We have again captured this broadcast source to bring an important message to you from the High Council back on our home planet. This message is for all Earth humans but we have been instructed to focus it particularly for the humans of the America Pod. The High Council is worried and […]

Aliens, The Great Mouse and the 3-Letter Agency Reveal

Greetings Earth humans. In the Big Reveal, you learned that the Great Mouse is a manifestation of our co-incursion agent’s idea of a fun game to play with the intrepid hunters. Tessa has managed to convince the hunters that she is the Great Mouse who they may capture one moon cycle if they are only […]

Aliens, The Great Mouse and the Big Reveal

The Aliens Amongst Us are enjoying a relaxing train ride when the Great Mouse and the intrepid hunters interrupt their trip. Were that not unexpected enough, the Big Reveal is even more shocking. It’s not news to miss. Play in new window | Download () | Embed

Aliens And Baseball – Audio TidBits Podcast

The Aliens Amongst Us are continuing to assimilate as Earth humans. This spring afternoon, they are catching their first Major League Baseball game. It’s a strange new experience for them. Please join them as they try to figure out what all the hoopla is about. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 7:37 — […]

Aliens: The Aliens Amongst Us Have Reappeared in the Big Easy

Hey fellow Earth humans. To my surprise, the Aliens Amongst Us didn’t actually return permanently to their Home Planet. I intercepted them in New Orlins, just hanging out like real people. As you might expect, the setting was pretty noisy and a lot rowdy so listen carefully. The conversation is well worth the extra effort […]

The Aliens Amongst Us Have Departed – Audio TidBits Podcast

This is the final broadcast from the former home of the Aliens Amongst Us. Intercept reports that the Aliens have departed. Please listen to get the details of their departure. Intercept1 has advised us that he will continue to monitor their transmissions if there are more. Any interceptions of their transmissions will be shared with […]

Aliens: Mass Murder, Guns, Systemic Change & Political Will – Audio TidBits Podcast

It is totally terrific to be on the air broadcasting to you and all of your fellow earth humans. Sadly there are fewer of you than when last we broadcasted. Mass murder has been frequent and expected on your Earth planet for a very long time             but has historically been more or less restricted […]