Aliens And Baseball – Audio TidBits Podcast Aliens Amongst Us are continuing to assimilate as Earth humans. This spring afternoon, they are catching their first Major League Baseball game. It’s a strange new experience for them. Please join them as they try to figure out what all the hoopla is about.

Aliens: The Aliens Amongst Us Have Reappeared in the Big Easy fellow Earth humans. To my surprise, the Aliens Amongst Us didn’t actually return permanently to their Home Planet. I intercepted them in New Orlins, just hanging out like real people. As you might expect, the setting was pretty noisy and a lot rowdy so listen carefully. The conversation is well worth the extra effort […]

The Aliens Amongst Us Have Departed – Audio TidBits Podcast is the final broadcast from the former home of the Aliens Amongst Us. Intercept reports that the Aliens have departed. Please listen to get the details of their departure. Intercept1 has advised us that he will continue to monitor their transmissions if there are more. Any interceptions of their transmissions will be shared with […]

Aliens: Mass Murder, Guns, Systemic Change & Political Will – Audio TidBits Podcast is totally terrific to be on the air broadcasting to you and all of your fellow earth humans. Sadly there are fewer of you than when last we broadcasted. Mass murder has been frequent and expected on your Earth planet for a very long time             but has historically been more or less restricted […]

Aliens: Politics & Fair Trade Aliens Amongst Us have finally grocked the essence of American politics. It requires understanding what they call political economics. Once you grock the reality, it actually starts making sense. Listen and learn, if you will. Our alien neighbors have a lesson for us.  

Aliens: Truth, Politics & The Great Poker Game Earth Humans.   Let’s talk turkey.   We know we are not products of the culture in the America pod and very likely do not appreciate the subtleties of American politics. As aliens, our experiences and mind sets are not the same as yours. With that caveat in mind, we want to use this […]

Aliens: The State of the Home Planet Address Aliens Amongst Us are pleased to bring The State of the Home Planet Address recently delivered by their leader on the Home Planet. The address was delivered to the Central Council on the Home Planet and open to all citizens of the Home Planet. This exciting event was held in the Great Hall in […]

Aliens: Reds vs. Blues in the Capital City – Audio TidBits Podcast’m just down the block from the JLXX newsroom where the Capital City is back to normal after last night’s kerfuffle. Most of the Capital’s citizens are busily taking care of business with little notice of the disruption. It’s just status quo for them.   You can hear the usual hustle bustle with everyone having […]

Aliens – Microphones & Cameras – Audio TidBits Podcast Earth humans. There is an expression here in the America pod that we have come to understand, up close and personal, as you Earth humans have been known to say. We too have wise ones back on our home planet who sometimes feel compelled to sit us down and give us one of those […]

The Great Mouse Hunt Emerges On Atar XIV – Audio TidBits Podcast we last joined our intrepid explorers on The Great Mouse Hunt, they had tracked the Great Mouse to Zombieland where The Great mouse was blending in with the local zombie population. The huntsmen were able to engage The Great Mouse in an intense battle but just as our aggressive hunting party sprung an explosive […]