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Aliens: Mass Murder, Guns, Systemic Change & Political Will – Audio TidBits Podcast


It is totally terrific to be on the air broadcasting to you and all of your fellow earth humans. Sadly there are fewer of you than when last we broadcasted. Mass murder has been frequent and expected on your Earth planet for a very long time             but has historically been more or less restricted to war zones, terrorist attacks, the inevitable result of criminal activity, cult choices, domestic disputes and other circumstances you have understood or at least have tended to disregard as you go about your day to day existence.


In recent sun cycles, we have observed a new form of mass murder in the America pod that you have not previously experienced. A loan human chooses to murder other humans for no obvious reason. Unlike suicide bombers and humans motivated by political and religious convictions, the relatively new breed of murderers’ motivations are far from transparent.


May we focus specifically on instances of mass murder occurring in schools, although the phenomenon has certainly been seen in other contexts. Mass murder in schools is especially poignant because of the child victims. …