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A Lesson In Personal Style


Greetings and thank you for the opportunity to speak with you today about one of life’s important lessons that far too many of us overlook. We should have learned, did learn, but show others through our behavior that our personal education has fallen a bit short. Think of this as remedial education. You, like I, have heard the lecture but occasionally need reminded. The lesson is there for each of us. I will try harder to take it to heart and hope you do as well.

Life’s most important lessons are amazingly varied and can be quite confusing. Even so, they most all have two things in common. First, they usually are not particularly complicated. It certainly can sometimes take a while to get it; but once you do get it, the lesson is normally straight-up and to the point. Second, and here is the rub, the lessons invariably are a “So now you tell me!” kind of thing. Oh sure, hindsight is 20/20, live and learn, no one is perfect, and you are only human. Nonetheless, having learned your lesson is not much consolation once you have already missed important opportunities to achieve personal excellence with people and important relationships. Yes, you may do better the next time; but your chance to get it right the first time has passed and will not return. Much better is to get it right, the first time, on time, every time. …