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30 Tips for Better Personal Relationships


1. Be Accepting

This means you are okay with me as is, with no interest in trying to change me.

2. Be Affectionate

This means you find opportunities to be warm and close with me.

3. Be Ambitious

This means you are always on the outlook for chances to improve our lives.

4. Be Assertive

This means you speak up about what you want and need.

5. Be Attractive

This means you work to be someone I want to be with and do things with.

6. Be Considerate

This means you care about my feelings, interests and needs.

7. Be Consistent

This means you are always appropriate and predictable.

8. Be Dependable

This means I can always count on you.

9. Be Decisive

This means you are comfortable making choices and decisions.

10. Be Energetic

This means you are usually ready to participate in whatever comes along.

11. Be Fair

This means you don’t think everything is about you and what you want.

12. Be Flexible

This means you are open to changing your plans and opinions.

13. Be Gentle

This means I can always be comfortable with how you relate to and treat me.

14. Be Giving

This means you are quick to share your time and resources with me.

15. Be Hardworking

This means you always do your share and consistently contribute to our success.

16. Be Helpful

This means you are always there to lend a hand and pitch in when I need you.

17. Be Honest

This means I can always trust you and believe what you say.

18. Be Involved

This means you always stay tuned in and participating with me.

19. Be Loyal

This means you always have my back.

20. Be Moral

This means you always try to make the right choices in our world.

21. Be Open

This means you don’t withdraw from me emotionally or socially.

22. Be Patient

This means you hang in there with me when I am having trouble getting my act together or just having a bad day.

23. Be Playful

This means you are fun to be around and spend time with.

24. Be Positive

This means you are usually looking on the sunny side of things.

25. Be Predictable

This means I usually know how you will act and how you will feel about things.

26. Be Relaxed

This means you seldom get up-tight or anxious about how things are going for us.

27. Be Responsible

This means I can count on you to do what is needed.

28. Be Spontaneous

This means you come up with ideas and suggestions for us without needing prodded or cajoled.

29. Be Supportive

This means you are on my side with whatever I want or need for me.

30. Be Tolerant

This means you quietly put up with my little quirks and idiosyncrasies.

Now you know so there you go.