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20 Reasons To Be a Democrat in 2020


Note that these 20 Reasons To Be a Democrat in 2020 are in no particular order and that it is not necessary to sign onto all 20 reasons. If you agree with or at least lean toward most of the reasons and don’t strongly disagree with the rest, being a Democrat in 2020 is likely the right choice for you.

Reason 1: You believe that it is important for business to flourish, but also believe that there are other aspects of society that deserve and must receive equal and sometimes greater consideration, when formulating government policy and regulation.

Reason 2: You believe that whether to carry a pregnancy to term is and should be the woman’s choice.

Reason 3: You believe that the accumulation of wealth by individuals and companies is an inevitable product of capitalism and should be limited and to some extent redistributed through regulation and taxation.

Reason 4: You believe that the nation’s natural resources and public areas should be protected from unsustainable use or exploitation through legislation and government regulation and from activities that represent undue risk to the areas where those resources and public areas are present.

Reason 5: You believe that the right to bare arms has to be balanced against the right to life and safety for the public and that buying, selling and possessing guns should thus be limited or restricted through government regulation or policy in order to reduce safety risks to the public.

Reason 6: You believe that global warming is a scientifically provable fact and represents a real and present danger for the planet and for its inhabitants. In particular, it represents a valid and significant threat to life in America.

Reason 7: You believe that America’s priorities and interests should be balanced with the priorities and interests of its nation friends and allies politically, economically and militarily on the world stage.

Reason 8: You believe that it is the responsibility of every adult to handle the economic aspects of his or her personal health and welfare requirements and responsibilities to the extent of their individual ability and opportunity and that it is the responsibility of government to at least partially compensate for any life-critical shortfall that may occur.

Reason 9: You believe that criminals and those who break the law should be held accountable for their actions, should have their liberty restricted to the extent that they represent a threat to the public and should receive appropriate penalties, supervision and successful rehabilitation before having their liberty fully restored, as they demonstrate their intention to conform to both law and social norms.

Reason 10: You believe that noncitizens who came to America as children should be allowed to stay if they are conforming to societal norms and not otherwise a threat to the safety and well being of other people. Additionally, you believe that, with appropriate screening, people from other countries should be permitted to come to America through established quotas and if they are at high risk of personal harm if they remain in their home countries.

Reason 11: You believe that government resources should be directed to helping children and adults who are unable to at least minimally provide for themselves, including health, food, shelter, and other personal necessities.

Reason 12: You believe that government should regulate business to the extent that doing so reduces the likelihood of catastrophic failure and prevents businesses from being able to avoid taxes and from becoming too big to permit fair and real competition within their business sector.

Reason 13: you believe that Americans expect and have a right not to be tracked or surveilled by government agencies and expect that their electronic devices and personal information won’t be accessed by people intending to do harm or otherwise exploit their personal data, unless those agencies have received court authorization for the tracking or surveillance and are not using any means that could permit unauthorized people to access their personal data.

Reason 14: You believe that labor unions are good for America and that they protect workers from the arbitrary and capricious actions of employers and mediate the pressure on employers to maximize profits and minimize costs on the one hand and workers’ need for living wages and safe, predictable working conditions on the other.

Reason 15: You believe that carbon-based fuels contribute to pollution and global warming and that their use needs to decrease and the use of clean fuels such as solar and wind need to increase to reduce damage to our environment and the threat to the planet.

Reason 16: You believe that America should negotiate rules or regulations relating to its international trade and commerce and that it should participate in multinational agreements that may limit its flexibility and that of participating countries, delegating final authority to oversite bodies or panels not under any one country’s control.

Reason 17: You believe that pursuing America’s interests and strategic advantage should be balanced with maintaining solid and cooperative relationships with other nations in general and with its allies in particular.

Reason 18: You believe that pure research along with cultural and social initiatives and enterprises are appropriate and necessary areas for government interest and resources and should be pursued cooperatively with private and charitable groups.

Reason 19: You believe that in spite of a strong economy, millions of Americans are struggling to just get by and that the government can and should extend a helping hand to assure that they are able to meet their needs for adequate healthcare and that they are able to meet their day-to-day needs for food, shelter, quality education, safety, and other necessities.

Reason 20: You believe that if Republicans retain control of the Senate and White House, they will continue pursuing policies that Ignore the needs of millions of disadvantaged Americans, continue their practice of alienating America’s international allies and friends and promote the economic success of the most wealthy and large corporations to the detriment of our environment, our natural resources and public areas, our international standing, millions of underserved Americans and our country’s future.