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Simon says, “Appreciate where and how you fit in.”

Simon says, “Play by the rules.”

Simon says, “Do not pass your frustrations and negative feelings along to others.”

Simon says, “Be positive and energetic whether things are going well or going badly.”

Simon says, “Accurately understand and appreciate your skills and limitations.”

Simon says, “Be well-organized.”

Simon says, “Be timely in all you do.”

Simon says, “Pitch in and do what needs done.”

Simon says, “Keep focused on getting the job done.”

Simon says, “Have faith in those who make the journey with you.”

Simon says, “Take even the most minor complaint seriously.”

Simon says, “Be open to ideas and suggestions from anyone.”

Simon says, “Understand problems and issues from other people’s points of view.”

Simon says, “Make sure a job can be done before holding anyone responsible for it.”

Simon says, “Be clear with people about what you expect.”

Simon says, “Take time to be sure people understand how their jobs fit in with other jobs and activities.”

Simon says, “Give people clear reasons and explanations whenever they ask for them.”

Simon says, “Delegate often and well.”

Simon says, “Get the resources needed to get the job done.”

Simon says, “Be skilled at using informal strategies to get things done.”

Simon says, “Understand and tap the knowledge, skills, and resources of everyone.”

Simon says, “Distribute work and responsibilities efficiently and fairly.”

Simon says, “Defer to others when they are more knowledgeable, skilled, or competent.”

Simon says, “Deal with problems before they become crises.”

Simon says, “Do not react to people or problems impulsively.”

Simon says, “Be hard on problems and soft on people.”

Simon says, “Be flexible and willing to compromise.”

Simon says, “Remember and own what you say, agree to, and do.”

Simon says, “Work with people instead of merely relying on your power and control.”

Simon says, “Take everyone into consideration when making decisions.”

Simon says, “Make the tough or unpopular decision when necessary.”

Simon says, “Attend to the details without getting bogged down in them.”

Simon says, “Give people clear, frequent, and accurate feedback.”