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  • A Little Trip Back Up The Wall

    Are you a never go back person or do you like to revisit places you’ve been before? Well, we’ve been here before but it’s a place worth another listen. Of […]

  • The Frustration Factor: It’s Always About Me

    Ray Vinham stands up to a light round of applause and delivers his campaign speech to the Westover Leadership Coalition. It is the evening he has waited for since the […]

  • Come Play With Me?

    •           I am a perfectionist •           Either it is right or it is wrong •           Rules are rules These types of phrases frequently come up when you try to manage […]

  • Mainliners

    Have you ever been driven up the wall by a mainliner? “What’s a mainliner?” you ask. Read on. You likely are already familiar with the type and how they can […]

  • Agitators

    During the fellowship hour after church, a few parishioners mingle but most take their usual places near their usual companions. A scattering of conversations can be overheard. In a small […]

  • Committee Players

    The Frustration Factor Society International (FFSI) advances the art and science of driving people up the wall throughout the world. The committee on methods is meeting in Chicago a week […]

  • Bummed-out

    Maryanne Mitchell is the office manager for the Koch, James and Hightower law firm. She is meeting with Martin Koch. It is not unusual for Martin to ask her to […]

  • Warriors

    Brent Miller’s dog-and-pony show takes twelve minutes. When the lights are back up, Brent confidently asks if there are any questions.  This is his big mistake. Ronda Simpson breaks the […]

  • Faultfinders

    Henry Allen walks into the teachers’ lounge where Doris is saying, “It’s their fault down in that office. They always get things fouled up. We work our tails off and […]

  • By The Book

    Is there someone where you work who absolutely, totally, and unequivocally drives you up the wall? Do you sometimes feel like climbing the wall all by yourself as the quickest […]

  • Authority Junky? – Audio TidBits Podcast

    Do you know someone who delights in figuratively pushing others around, telling them what to do, being in charge, and generally bossing others whether they are actually in a position […]

  • HTM 156 – May I Drive You Up The Wall, Please? – How To Matter – Audio TidBits Podcast

    Do you wonder how the frustrating elite of the world manage to be so successful at driving everyone up the wall? Are you frequently impressed by their expertise? Do they […]