Leaders Shall

James has a special episode of the Leadership Shop Podcast for us. Regardless of our take on who is and is not a leader, whatever we think about what separates leaders from others, we can all agree that leaders need to do some things and not do others, need to behave in some ways and not in others. In this episode, James, with help from his associate, shares those things a leader should do, ways in which leaders should behave, how leaders should relate to others.

Leadership Commandments

This is the first episode of Leadership Shop Podcast. Your host is James Narrator, the voice of the podcast. His friends just call him James; and he is excited to bring the Leadership Shop Podcast to you each Monday and Thursday. The episodes are fairly short so won’t require a big time commitment for you to subscribe and listen regularly. You can subscribe easily on LeadershipShop.com. James appreciates your time and hopes to provide valuable leadership and personal success tips and strategies regularly just for you.

In this first episode, James shares the ten commandments of leadership. Taking them to heart and following them as you lead, manage, and supervise others will give you an edge over mere commonplace leaders. You will be known as a leader who leads with style, all the time, on purpose.