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Simon says, “Keep focused on getting the job done.”

Of course, Simon does not get into being negative and depressed about things. You already know he accepts personal responsibility for his attitude and behavior. He knows too it is easy to lose focus, to lose track of the goal.

Here is where Simon along with all truly effective leaders excels. Every event, every situation, every transaction is viewed by Simon through the mission’s lens. Others may let their focus drift; but Simon is always there to bring them back. Others may be more focused some days than others; but Simon is there to sharpen their perspectives, to keep them continuously on task.

How does he do this? It always comes down to Simon’s bottom line. He is obsessed with why he does what he does and with the cost of not doing it well, the first time, on time, every time. For Simon, the potential cost of losing focus is just too high.

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