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Caseworker Responsibility For Child Deaths:

Participants were asked how responsible they believe a caseworker is for the death if the child is kept in the home and tragically dies as a result of continued abuse or neglect.

·       The caseworker is responsible only if he (or she) had not done a thorough job of investigating the home.

·       How long the caseworker had been involved with the family and what other circumstances were involved that, perhaps, the caseworker had no control over should be considered.

·       There is no way to foretell an event like this. Caseworkers can’t read minds; they would need to be psychic.

·       The system is more to blame than the individual caseworkers.

·       Caseloads are too high and caseworkers are not paid enough, (although they did not know how much caseworkers are paid or how high caseloads are.)

·       Poor agency management and high staff turnover can also lead to negative consequences for families.

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