The Alien Leader In The Capital City Is On The Hot Seat – Aliens Amongst Us – Audio TidBits Podcast

The Central Council on the home planet of the Aliens Amongst Us has scheduled a transmission to get feedback on their Leader in the Capital City from the Aliens Amongst Us here on Earth. I’m not sure how the participants were selected; but each has been asked to share his or her opinions and impressions […]

I’ve Had It! – Audio TidBits Podcast

Do I have a deal for you. If you’re like me, you are usually on your best behavior, trying to get along, trying to work things out in an environment that is frequently not nearly as considerate as you. It’s enough to make you pull out your hair, if you still have any left from […]

May I Drive You Up The Wall, Please? – Audio TidBits Podcast

In the world of people who drive us up the wall, Committee Players are among the most frustrating. You do know about Committee Players, don’t you? On the off chance you don’t, in this episode of the Leadership Shop Podcast, you are about to find out all there is to know about these exasperating types. […]

Children, Sexual Abuse, and Truth

Whether responsible judgements can be made about things that did or did not happen based on interviews with very young children is a topic that receives a lot of attention. Specifically, the question is whether pre-school children can tell us when they have been sexually abused and whether what they tell us can be believed. […]

24 Quotes For Parents – Audio TidBits Podcast

The podcasting team has a round robin for all the parents among us. The key is to just listen and magically, the quotation that was written just for you will be the one that sticks in your memory tomorrow. You may think none will but nonetheless one will. Listen and experience the magic for yourself. […]

A Short History Of Politics

In a short history of politics, a real historian would conduct extensive research and thoroughly examine original documents and seek out best evidence for everything he or she includes. But since I am definitely not a real historian, I am choosing to construct this history from the comments and observations of a collection of not […]

Leadership & Dark Matter

Abstract: Leadership is a product of the dark matter in the world of organizations. Like the dark matter in the cosmos, leadership is hypothesized to exist, although its existence can, for the most part, only be inferred from actual observable conditions, events, and circumstances that include successful conclusion of “leadership events.” Thus, leadership actualizes as […]

The Game That Has No Name – Audio TidBits Podcast

Once upon a time an eon or so ago, or maybe it was yesterday, I’m sure I myself don’t know, in a far far land a galaxy or two away, or perhaps it was just next door, It’s not for me to say, Three young space beings were enthusiastically playing a game, but unfortunately for […]