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Stress — @a child’s perspective:

Kim felt restless and could not get herself to calm down. She tried to listen but could not concentrate on what her mother was saying to her. She was feeling the start of a headache. The past few nights, she had tossed and turned for an hour or two before falling asleep. Last night, she woke up several times and it seemed to take forever for her to go back to sleep. Waking up was not so bad; but the bad dreams upset her and kept her from going back to sleep. She could not get them off her mind.

Between her headache and feeling tired, there was no way she could pay attention to her mother. “Calm down,” Kim told herself. “I think I’m going to be sick.” She thought her nausea was because of something she ate but the more upset she got, the worse it got. “Don’t start crying again. I’ve got to get out of here,” she screamed to herself as she turned and ran out of the room.

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