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You, Your Family, and Social Problems (ONE):

If pouting and being hard to live with are Olympic sports, you deserve a gold medal. Even that would not be all that bad; but you get so hateful and are in such a bad mood so much of the time, no one can stand to live with you. It takes nothing to get you in one of your moods and your temper is frightening. Having to have your own way is not the half of it. You take it out on everyone else no matter how hard they try. You just get off on having people bow down to you.

They might handle your screaming and yelling; but when you start throwing and breaking things, everyone wants to get away from you. If they are unlucky enough not to get away, you hit them and really hurt them. It is hard for them to believe you think they start the fights; but you think everything is someone else’s fault. According to you, you never start anything. You are perfect.

The truth is you are a bully who picks on people to give you an excuse to be cruel. You are not happy until someone is hurting and suffering.

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